Houston Weekend Summary


I slept in until 11AM. It was beautiful. Because it was so late, we had lunch instead of breakfast. Since Cicely knows me so well, we went to one of my favorite fast food places. I have a fried food addiction. We went to… Chick-fil-a! I love the waffle fries.

Photo by J.Reed

Photo by J.Reed

Afterwards, we did some shopping. I love Marshalls. I guess it’s a suburban thing. I bought the cutest Tahari Gunmetal Peep-toe Platform Shoes. We then took a short drive to their new house.

I would show photos of the inside, but I think Cicely would be upset because all the photos I have are of the house unfurnished. It’s small for Texas standards, but I think it’s the perfect starter home.

We then went to Sushi at Ichibon to celebrate their moving into their new house. Gary and I shared most of the Sushi since Cicely has a fish allergy. She was able to enjoy some Ebi.

Lemon Roll – Salmon, Toro, and Spicy Tuna
Cicely’s Ebi Nigiri
Our Shared Sashimi Platter

After dinner, we had some wine and watched movies like we did in college. Our wine escapades produced these photos.

Believe me when I say that Willie loved the attention and loved wearing the hat. Who knew a $5 hat would provide so much joy?

We had lunch at Reggae Hut, an authentic Jamaican food establishment. It was a good hole-in-the wall. Gary’s cousin Sheri joined us. After lunch, we went to the Houston Galleria. I was desperate need of some new make-up. We hit up Sephora and I was able to buy some Nars make-up. Being a true sugar fiend, we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar. We took these pictures before going in.

I was sugar crashing so badly that I wanted to nap with this Chocolate Bunny

This concludes my weekend summary. Stay tuned for next weekend’s adventures.

2 thoughts on “Houston Weekend Summary

  1. omg, chick-fil-a is the ABSOLUTE best isn’t it? i used to live in the south, and chicago doesn’t have a cfa, it’s the one thing i miss the absolute most!

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