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Myles Report – 1 Year

September 29, 2010


Myles at 3 weeks - The photo that started it all


I’ve only had Myles for 9 months and it has been quite a ride. He is unbelievably friendly. He love kids, older people, other dogs. There other times where he is feisty little monster. There are moments where I ask myself what I was thinking choosing a small terrier. Alas, I still love him. This crazy little dog definitely belongs with me… we’re equally quirky.

Myles had his 1st Birthday on September 29th. Before anyone jumps to conclusion, we didn’t have a party for him. There was no cake. Nada. I’m a bad dog momma, I know. We did go to the Pet Store and I did buy him a few things.

Let me recap what’s new in my über popular pup’s life.

I finally did the responsible dog owner thing and had Myles neutered. I wasn’t intentionally putting it off. I simply forgot to schedule it.


Time to get "fixed" - to the Vet and Back


He wore the “cone of shame” (Up movie reference) for 2 weeks. He was NOT happy about that.

We made the best of the summer. He went for rides in the car.


Myles loves riding in my pops' truck more than anything


He even had a few icy treats.



Dog treat from Rita's Italian Water Ice


He got to spend a weekend with his “girlfriends”, my friend Neleh’s pups Adobi and Pixel. Being at home with me was quite a letdown for my little Cassanova.



Myles misses Adobi & Pixel


Apparently, Myles would like to tweet and blog for himself.



Myles is a computer geek.


I’m trying desperately to train Myles to run with me, but I’m having a terrible go of it. He loves the runs initially.  However, once we go longer than a certain distance, he doesn’t want to cooperate. He will try to run back and forth in front of me to trip me or slow me down. It’s nuts. This dog is too smart sometimes. I have to drag him or pick up. I’ll try for a little longer, but I may just have to accept that Myles is a walker, not a runner.



Myles on the move


That’s it. That’s what’s new in a nutshell.


Where did summer go?

photo by Darius Daniel

I admit it. I’m a terrible blogger. I go through short phases where I write with exciting frequency which are then followed by droughts of silence. I can’t help it. Sometimes I disappear because I am so emotionally spent that I don’t have it in me to share my experiences. Other times I don’t write because frankly it’s a lot of work. I treat each blog post like a magazine editorial complete with perfectly retouched photos. Lastly, another reason why I don’t write is because I’m just too damn busy living my life. {Cue “Live Your Life” by T.I. & Rhianna… LOL} This has been the case as of late.

This summer has been the busiest summer I’ve experienced in years. There was no way that I could keep up with the blog posting. The best that I could do is post photos to Facebook and let me friends decipher my goings-on.

So what have I been up to?

There have been birthdays to celebrate.

Grandma’s 103rd Birthday

Auntie Fely, my sis Cathee, Me, Mom, and Grandma

The Birthday girl - can you believe she's 103?

Jacqui’s Birthday – Lady Gaga-themed Party

Jacqui The Birthday Girl and her main man Dan

the Birthday girl and me

I’ve seen A LOT of live music. Here are some of the shows I’ve seen.

Passion Pit at the NorVa

Rogue Wave at the NorVa

Interpol at the NorVa

Interpol at the NorVa

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun at HK on the Bay - photo by Darius Daniel

Vinyl Headlights at Backstage

Public Enemy at the NorVa

There are more shows that I’ve seen, but didn’t get around to photographing.  A good portion of what I’ve seen are local bands. You gotta support your hometown music. After all, they gotta start somewhere.

It’s also be a summer filled with art.

Chalking of Ghent

My sis Cathee and my nephews Ethan & Franky

Art Everywhere Closing

National Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C.

My bro Nate hanging out at the National Gallery of Art


photo by Nate Kabaitan

Lollipops and 45s – Phoebus Gallery

Last Tuesdays at 45 degrees Lounge – photography by Neleh Sawsiengmongkol

Style.With.Pull – Phoebus Gallery

I entertained some houseguests.

My cousin Jovan

My best friend Cicely

I did A LOT of eating and running, but I’ll save that for their very own posts.

With all these activities, can you understand why I haven’t posted?

Myles Report – 10 Months

My Happy Myles

I’ve been a bad dog momma. I know it. Myles is my 2nd pup. Unlike his dog sister Dottie, he hasn’t quite gotten the attention  that she did. This is not to say that Myles is neglected or mistreated.  Hence, I haven’t written a post about him in 6 months. With puppies, 6 months is a long time.  In that time, he’s developed into quite a little character. There are moments were I feel like he has entirely too much personality. In those moments, I’ve composed a craigslist ad putting a Wire Fox Terrier up for sale. In reality, I love this little monster too much to give him up. Besides, he’s too freaking cute.

Here’s a recap the last 6 months in the life of Myles.


Myles modeled for my Valentine’s Day card. I bought a blanket covered in hearts and some Valentine’s Day dog toys. Voila! Super saccharine sweet puppy photo shoot.


I quickly discovered that Myles loves people. His two favorite people are my Grandma and my nephew Ethan. If there are people around, my little ambassador wants to exuberantly say “hi”.

iPhone picture

iPhone pic


Decided that I wanted Myles to earn his name. Myles = Miles. So we took him on a 12 hour road trip to Toronto, Canada. He did surprisingly well. I think dosing him with a little Rescue Remedy had something to do with that, too.

iPhone picture

iPhone picture

He also went to the beach for the 1st time. He thought the sand was like snow and tried to eat it. He quickly learned that sand isn’t delicious. Our beach outing knocked him out completely.


Being the fluffy little dog he is, Myles doesn’t do so well in the heat. Our outings are a bit limited.

We’re Lakers fans. Myles actually watched the games with me.

Cicely and I took Myles to the beach for the 2nd time.  He learned how to swim and hated every moment of it. He’s not a water dog 😦 Hopefully, it won’t take me another 6 months to write another post about Myles 😉

A Year Later

April 15-19, 2010

The Birthday Girl - Aalia Sabine is 1

One Year. 365 days. There are points in life when a year seems to pass slowly and other times when a year passes so quickly. In this instance, it feels like both. It is hard to believe that it’s been a year since Aalia’s birth and her mother Melanie’s passing. In the past year, I have had the pleasure of watching Aalia (via Skype and Facebook) reach her baby milestones – babbling, smiling, eating solid foods, etc. There have been fleeting moments where I forget that Melanie is gone. I have caught myself thinking, “I wonder if Mel would like this..” or “I bet Mel loves that Aalia does {insert random thing}”. This is not to say Melanie is forgotten, but that the loss is still hard for me to accept and acknowledge.  Of course, the loss is more acute and difficult for Melanie’s immediate family. After the funeral last year, my brother Nate and I promised to be at Aalia’s First Birthday to help celebrate. Being at the funeral forged an inexplicable bond.

When it was decided that Aalia’s Birthday was going to be celebrated in Toronto, Canada (Khurram’s hometown), there was no doubt that we were going to be there. We’re always looking for an excuse to get out-of-town. Initially, we were going to fly to Toronto. Upon researching plane tickets, we discovered that perhaps that wasn’t the most cost-efficient way to go. We decided to drive… 12 hours with our mom and Myles!

Myles is clicked in and ready to go

Nate behind the wheel - iPhone pic

There was a lot of apprehension over bringing Myles on the trip. There were concerns over how well he would travel and what to do with him once we got to Canada. The trip went smoother than expected. I suspect it’s because I dosed Myles with Rescue Remedy and he slept most of the way.  It was a good thing we brought him. Myles’ presence created a lot of lightness and fun to the trip.

iPhone picture

A highlight of this trip is that it was my first time in Canada! Woohoo! Stamp in my passport…. not quite. Although they now require a passport to travel between the U.S. and Canada, no stamps are given.  {My new passport still has no stamps.}

We arrived at our hotel without incident. Exhaustion hit us and we were asleep within minutes.

Our first full day in Canada was spent sightseeing around Niagara Falls, which will be covered in a separate post.

The birthday extravaganza for Aalia was on Saturday. There was not one, but TWO birthday parties.

The first party was a kids’ party, which we attended towards the end. The party was held in the morning at indoor playground.

Khurram (daddy) and Aalia - photo by Rachel

photo by Rachel

photo by Rachel

Kammi gets in on the fun

Aalia and Khurram

The second party was held for family and close friends and was hosted by Khurram’s sister Seema and his brother-in-law Harry.

Delicious birthday cake

Party favors and Memory Box for Aalia

More Party Favors

Mom and Auntie Lilly

Cousin GeeVee, Nate, Mom, and Auntie Lilly - photo by Rachel

Rachel, Kammi, and Geevee - Photo by Marnie

photo by Khurram

The following day, there was a Memorial Service for Melanie and a reception at a local Filipino restaurant.

photo by Rachel

Melanie's Immediate Family - GeeVee (brother), Marnie (sister), Kammi (niece), Aalia, Khurram (husband), Aunt Lilly (mom), and Rachel (sister-in-law)

It was somber weekend with moments of levity sprinkled and lots of noshing in-between. It was good to spend time with family and to celebrate Aalia’s birthday. Despite the circumstances following her birth, Aalia’s birthday is still a happy occasion. After all, she is Mel’s greatest legacy.

My 1st snow

So, there was this thing called snow. Everybody made a big deal about it. I didn’t really understand what the big deal was about.  All I know is that Momma put my coat and these things called boots. I didn’t really like the boots too much, but Momma said it would protect my paws.

We went outside and it was white everywhere. It was so cold, but you could eat the ground! I love to eat ice, but this was better than ice.

I played with my boys.

Mostly, I hopped around in the white stuff. It was hard to move in boots. I kept losing them. Momma took them off and then I really had a good time.

After I was done playing, I looked like this…

Miles and Myles

As I said before when it was decided that Dottie was going to stay in Los Angeles, I was inconsolable. I couldn’t sleep. I contemplated life sans canine. It felt like a grim existence. Move back to the ‘burbs. I was okay. Ending the marriage. Not great, but livable. Lose the dog? That was a disaster.  On one of those sleepless nights, I did a google image search for Wire Fox Terriers. I’d always wanted one and I thought a little daydreaming might help me relax. One thing led to another and I stumbled across this photo.

Myles at 3 weeks

Myles at 3 weeks

I saw the picture and fell in love. His name was Cody and he was in Kentucky. I emailed the link to Cicely and Pamela.  They both went gaga over him too. I fawned over the photo. Then, I felt guilty. I love Dottie and felt like I was betraying her in some way by even considering another dog. It’s silly I know, but I couldn’t help it. I tried to forget about the cute little guy.

Eventually, I told my family that I wouldn’t be bringing Dottie with me to Virginia. Everyone was disappointed. My dad and brother Nate have been not-s0-secretly wanting a dog for years and they thought that Dottie would be the fulfillment of a dream. Because they knew how much Dottie meant to me, my family encouraged me to think about getting another dog. My parents were treating me like a 10 year-old that lost the Spelling Bee. I thought about rescuing another Pitbull, but given my living situation it was highly impractical.  Big dog in a household that was not used to dogs larger than 20 lbs? I did not want to push my luck. On a whim, I emailed the breeder that had the cute puppy in the photo. I started looking at Wire Fox Terrier Rescues.  Because of my unusual living arrangements (Soon-to-be Divorcee who’s moving in with her folks), I found I was a poor candidate for animal rescue. With the pages and pages of forms, there was no way to explain my situation. In the interim, the breeder with the cute puppy sent me more pictures.

Myles at 4 weeks

Myles at 4 weeks

Myles at 6 weeks

Myles at 6 weeks

I was a goner. Then, I found out his parents were named Bruiser (AKC name Cruisin’ for a Bruisin) and Cali (AKC California Dreamin’). It’s hard to explain, but it felt like kismet. Cicely encouraged me to buy him. I couldn’t do it. As cute as he was, the guilt was overwhelming. It seemed too soon to get another dog. I felt also bad about getting a dog from a breeder. So, she forced my hand. She told me that the puppy was going to be my Christmas gift. I told her it was too generous a gift. She retorted that it was her “Divorce Gift” since she didn’t get to throw me a Bridal Shower. That was that. Cody was going to be my pup and he was going to be renamed Myles. Myles seemed like an old soul.  It seemed fitting to name him after one of my favorite Jazz Musicians, Miles Davis. Myles also seemed to be a good choice because we’d be traveling miles and miles together.

According to the breeder, he’d be ready for pickup right after Thanksgiving. It seemed perfect because I could pick him up from the breeder on my planned cross-country road trip. I ran into some snafus with my travel plans. Instead of driving to get him, I would be flying out to get him. The breeder was going to meet me at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee. This was interesting. I had never flown with a dog before let alone a puppy. I was nervous.  A million what-if’s ran through my head.

Then, the day came where I was supposed to pick him. I saw him and I was sure he was meant to be my new canine companion.

Myles with the breeder - iPhone pic

My living, breathing carry-on (iPhone pic)

Someone is NOT happy about being in the bag. (iPhone pic)

Myles is a trooper. He went from riding in the car in a crate to being put on a bag on a plane. Thankfully, our first trip together went fairly smoothly… except when I jostled his carrier a little too much and he vomited in the bag. {Bad dog momma, I know} The plane trip was relatively uneventful. He was so quiet during the flights with exception of a bumpy landing. At that point, he howled his displeasure.

We got home and he met some of the family.

Myles with Ethan

Myles with Ethan (iPhone pic)

Myles with Grandma

Myles with Grandma

Myles with Franky

Myles with Franky (iPhone pic)

This is how the generosity of my  best friend Cicely brought a new member of the family.