Who is Anne K.?

I’d like to think I’m a multi-faceted creative individual. I am a graphic designer and photographer. Sometimes I crochet, sew and play interior decorator. Once in while, I’ll even whip up a tasty meal or two.

I grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I am the oldest of three children.  My extended family (grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins) lived relatively close by. I am an aunt to some awesome nieces and nephews.
I’ve traveled a bit (although not as much as I’d like). I have my mom’s side of the family to thank for my insatiable wanderlust. My goal is to visit as many countries as my age and I’m falling short of that.

After spending most of my life in Virginia Beach, I packed up my things and moved to sunny Los Angeles. It was a blind move. I had nothing lined up. Somehow (with some help from family and friends) in the course of 7 years, I built a life in L.A.
I advanced my career.
I found a little place in the city.
I met a guy and fell in love.
We rescued a pitbull puppy and named her Dottie.

photo by Shine Pet Photos

We had a few adventures.
We got married.

We lived our lives and I blogged all about it on Anne K. in L.A.

I lost my job and my stationery design alter-ego, The Paper Stylist was born.

Somehow, L.A. lost it’s luster. Because of a variety of things, our marriage fell apart. My only course of action was to leave L.A. and come back to my hometown of Virginia Beach.

I was given the gift of another dog Myles who is quite a character.

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Even though I had sworn off relationships for a while, I met someone who I affectionately refer to as “D” with whom I now share many of my adventures.


D and I

D and I

This is my journey into discovering where and what comes next. I’d like to think of this as my next grand adventure.

If you’d like to get in touch me, please feel free to email me at AnneKDesigner@gmail.com