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Where did summer go?

photo by Darius Daniel

I admit it. I’m a terrible blogger. I go through short phases where I write with exciting frequency which are then followed by droughts of silence. I can’t help it. Sometimes I disappear because I am so emotionally spent that I don’t have it in me to share my experiences. Other times I don’t write because frankly it’s a lot of work. I treat each blog post like a magazine editorial complete with perfectly retouched photos. Lastly, another reason why I don’t write is because I’m just too damn busy living my life. {Cue “Live Your Life” by T.I. & Rhianna… LOL} This has been the case as of late.

This summer has been the busiest summer I’ve experienced in years. There was no way that I could keep up with the blog posting. The best that I could do is post photos to Facebook and let me friends decipher my goings-on.

So what have I been up to?

There have been birthdays to celebrate.

Grandma’s 103rd Birthday

Auntie Fely, my sis Cathee, Me, Mom, and Grandma

The Birthday girl - can you believe she's 103?

Jacqui’s Birthday – Lady Gaga-themed Party

Jacqui The Birthday Girl and her main man Dan

the Birthday girl and me

I’ve seen A LOT of live music. Here are some of the shows I’ve seen.

Passion Pit at the NorVa

Rogue Wave at the NorVa

Interpol at the NorVa

Interpol at the NorVa

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun at HK on the Bay - photo by Darius Daniel

Vinyl Headlights at Backstage

Public Enemy at the NorVa

There are more shows that I’ve seen, but didn’t get around to photographing.  A good portion of what I’ve seen are local bands. You gotta support your hometown music. After all, they gotta start somewhere.

It’s also be a summer filled with art.

Chalking of Ghent

My sis Cathee and my nephews Ethan & Franky

Art Everywhere Closing

National Gallery of Art – Washington, D.C.

My bro Nate hanging out at the National Gallery of Art


photo by Nate Kabaitan

Lollipops and 45s – Phoebus Gallery

Last Tuesdays at 45 degrees Lounge – photography by Neleh Sawsiengmongkol

Style.With.Pull – Phoebus Gallery

I entertained some houseguests.

My cousin Jovan

My best friend Cicely

I did A LOT of eating and running, but I’ll save that for their very own posts.

With all these activities, can you understand why I haven’t posted?


Handmade Swap Gift

I signed up for Elizabeth Anne Design‘s Holiday Swap. These were the parameters that Cyd and Ami setup:

All gifts are to be handmade and accompanied by a recipe that either relates to the gift or is in some way is special to you at the holidays. The term “handmade” can be creatively defined to suit your skill level and time availability – for some of you it might be an ornament that looks like Martha herself spent hours laboring over it and for others it might be a bakery box filled with brownies. It’s entirely up to you! Gifts need to be mailed no later than December 15 (earlier please – I suggest December 1 –  if your swap buddy lives across an ocean from you) and should be accompanied by your name so your new friend knows who sent them their favorite gift of the season. We’ll do this Secret Santa style so no one will know who is sending them a gift until it arrives. Fun, no?

As luck would have it, my swap partner was Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design. I have to say I was a bit intimidated since the lovely Mrs. Dragoo is a woman of discerning taste. I decided to use some of my newfound sewing skills. I found this great book for newbie sewists.After careful thought, I decided to make a craft apron for Amy to use in her many crafty and creative pursuits. I headed to Ikea and found the perfect fabric.

I borrowed a friend’s sewing machine and went to work. In my excitement, I forgot to photograph the process. {Not to worry, I made another apron and will blog it later.} Here is what I mailed.

Holiday Gift wrappedHoliday Swap Gift, Craft ApronI failed at reading directions because I forgot to send Amy a recipe. When I find a good one, I’ll need to send it her way.

Julia received me as a swap partner.  She sent me a recipe and a batch of delicious granola. It was so good that I neglected to photograph it. I was really bad with the camera this holiday season.

Delicious Granola

photo by Julia H.

I guess the California livin’ has really gotten to me because I really, really enjoyed it.  This swap inspired more handmade goodness.  More to come…