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Ethan’s 6th

January 20, 2010

We all rolled out of bed {at what some of us consider an ungodly hour} in honor of my nephew Ethan’s 6th Birthday. The Birthday boy decided that he wanted to have breakfast at IHOP.

Ethan with his big bro Franky - iPhone picture

Happy and chipper birthday guests

Party guests

More happy, chipper birthday guests

My Viva La French Toast Breakfast - iPhone picture

Before we could finish eating, the birthday boy tore open some gifts. The theme for this year’s gifts is G.I. Joe.

Ethan shows his mom Cathee his gift

Ethan cracks a smile with his dad Chris

Ethan received my gifts after I got a nap and he got home from school. I bought him a gift that the 6 year old version of myself would have killed for – 150 pack of crayons, 64 pack of colored pencils, 12 pack of scented markers and a 75 ft. roll of paper. The kid was in heaven and promptly went to work on his next masterpiece.

At the end of the day, I think Ethan had a good birthday… He left behind the mess to prove it.