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If you only get one

If in life you’re only allowed one best friend, time and time again I’d pick the one I already have – Cicely. At the writing of this post, we have been friends for 10 years. Of those 10 years, we have only lived in the same time zone for 2 years. The rest of the time, we’ve been physically separated by thousands of miles. That does not deter us.. at all. Thanks to cell phones, the internet, and plane tickets we are as close as ever.

If you had told me at the MacArthur Mall Chili’s that this woman would become my best friend, I’d have laughed in your face. After all, this Trollope was on a campaign to get me fired for reasons that aren’t 100% clear to me to this day. Thankfully, I diffused her plan and somehow changed her mind about me. Then, we became fast friends and eventually roommates.

I’m convinced that our time as roommates solidified our friendship for life. We rented a condo that would make even the evilest of slumlords blush. All I have to say is broken water heater, flooded condo, and carpeting that was never replaced. I leave the rest to your imagination. In addition to the craptastic condo, we were working college students. Both of us worked multiple jobs to make ends meet and go to school full-time. If one of us was short on cash, the other would cover for her. We were a team. It was tough, but our lives were not glum. We had a menagerie of..um.. boy toys to keep us occupied whose names were inconsequential so they received nicknames like “Cabana Boy” and “Fa├žonnable”. If we got bored with them, we window shopped, watched Sex and the City on VHS (?!) and ate cupcakes. (We were ahead of the curve on the cupcake trend.) That time was awful and wonderful all at the same .

We graduated from college and went our separate ways physically. She to North Carolina and I to California. This did not break our bond. When we both married idiots who both ironically had the last name of Rodriguez (no relation), we were the best Maids of Honor around. For her wedding, all I’m going to say is “Vegas Wedding”. I think the fiasco can be inferred. It was so bad that we have sworn to never return to Las Vegas. For my wedding, she was the ultimate Maid of Honor. I dragged this poor woman in the blazing SoCal Summer heat to ferry people from the airport, pick up wedding favors, arrange flowers, wrangle my family, and various other wedding madness. When my wedding day turned out to be the most disastrous day, she calmed me down and wished me the best.

These little anecdotes really don’t express my deep affection and love for this woman. In all seriousness, she saved my life not once, but twice. In the midst of our college experience, I suffered a major depressive episode (read: nervous breakdown). I was overwhelmed by familial pressures, school, and work. (This is being simplistic) When the days of not getting out of bed turned into weeks and my thoughts became suicidal, it was Cicely who urged me to seek professional help. She even had the name and numbers of professionals ready for me. The whole time she was compassionate and made no judgments about my condition. If not for her intervention, I doubt highly that I would still be here today.

When the marriage that she had wished to be the best turned out to be the worst, she was there. Initially, she was a shoulder to cry on and sounding board for my venting. When my sadness turned to hopelessness and despair, Cicely was among the first to tell me that there is no shame in ending a failing marriage. When I was finally fed up and bold enough to leave, she was there to drive me home. The whole trip she alternated between consoling me and making me laugh. Again without her support, I wouldn’t have had the strength to leave a marriage that nearly killed me.

Today in honor of her birthday, I’d like to toast my very best friend, Cicely Walker. She is a tour-de-force. I am happily Gayle to her Oprah. She keeps me grounded and laughs at my foibles (there are a lot). She is the sexiest and smartest woman I know – a deadly combination. Most importantly, she taught me how to be tough in the face of adversity and to do so with style, grace, and panache. When my hand is on the panic button, she is always there to gently ease and/or pry it off.

Happy Birthday, Cicely. I know you hate the idea of birthdays, but without it you wouldn’t be here and I’d be bored and lonely. I love you more than words can say!

P.S. I promise that I won’t let you marry another asshole ­čśë

XoXo, Anne K.


Myles Report – 1 Year

September 29, 2010


Myles at 3 weeks - The photo that started it all


I’ve only had Myles for 9 months and it has been quite a ride. He is unbelievably friendly. He love kids, older people, other dogs. There other times where he is feisty little monster. There are moments where I ask myself what I was thinking choosing a small terrier. Alas, I still love him. This crazy little dog definitely belongs with me… we’re equally quirky.

Myles had his 1st Birthday on September 29th. Before anyone jumps to conclusion, we didn’t have a party for him. There was no cake. Nada. I’m a bad dog momma, I know. We did go to the Pet Store and I did buy him a few things.

Let me recap what’s new in my ├╝ber popular pup’s life.

I finally did the responsible dog owner thing and had Myles neutered. I wasn’t intentionally putting it off. I simply forgot to schedule it.


Time to get "fixed" - to the Vet and Back


He wore the “cone of shame” (Up movie reference) for 2 weeks. He was NOT happy about that.

We made the best of the summer. He went for rides in the car.


Myles loves riding in my pops' truck more than anything


He even had a few icy treats.



Dog treat from Rita's Italian Water Ice


He got to spend a weekend with his “girlfriends”, my friend Neleh’s pups Adobi and Pixel. Being at home with me was quite a letdown for my little Cassanova.



Myles misses Adobi & Pixel


Apparently, Myles would like to tweet and blog for himself.



Myles is a computer geek.


I’m trying desperately to train Myles to run with me, but I’m having a terrible go of it. He loves the runs initially.┬á However, once we go longer than a certain distance, he doesn’t want to cooperate. He will try to run back and forth in front of me to trip me or slow me down. It’s nuts. This dog is too smart sometimes. I have to drag him or pick up. I’ll try for a little longer, but I may just have to accept that Myles is a walker, not a runner.



Myles on the move


That’s it. That’s what’s new in a nutshell.

Franky’s 12th

The nephews have back-to-back birthdays. This makes for an exciting couple of weeks. Franky, the oldest of the two, turned 12 yesterday. I am in utter disbelief. He’s on the verge of being a teenager. Where did the time go? I could have sworn it was just yesterday that I was in the delivery room with my sister awaiting Franky’s arrival. I still remember holding him just minutes after he was born and telling him that we (the whole family) were so excited and happy to finally meet him.

Franky with his mom & my sis Cathee - 1998

It is times like this where I feel like I have missed so much because I’ve lived so far away. To me, he’s still a little kid.

Franky's 1st day of school

Franky's 1st Snowboarding Trip

Of course, I was quickly snapped into reality when Franky tells me his birthday dinner is going to be at a sushi restaurant called Sake. Sushi?! What happened to the days we went bowling? or to Chuck E. Cheese? Or Red Robin? {Sigh!} I had no idea what sushi was when I was 12.

We (family and a few family friends) met up at Sake for a dinner. There were so many of us that we got our own private room. Service was tad slow, but we all had a good time. The birthday boy was so full from his dinner that he didn’t have room for dessert. {Oh the travesty of it all!}

Here are a few pics from the night.

The Birthday boy with his dinner

My delicious dinner

Ethan’s 6th

January 20, 2010

We all rolled out of bed {at what some of us consider an ungodly hour} in honor of my nephew Ethan’s 6th Birthday. The Birthday boy decided that he wanted to have breakfast at IHOP.

Ethan with his big bro Franky - iPhone picture

Happy and chipper birthday guests

Party guests

More happy, chipper birthday guests

My Viva La French Toast Breakfast - iPhone picture

Before we could finish eating, the birthday boy tore open some gifts. The theme for this year’s gifts is G.I. Joe.

Ethan shows his mom Cathee his gift

Ethan cracks a smile with his dad Chris

Ethan received my gifts after I got a nap and he got home from school. I bought him a gift that the 6 year old version of myself would have killed for – 150 pack of crayons, 64 pack of colored pencils, 12 pack of scented markers and a 75 ft. roll of paper. The kid was in heaven and promptly went to work on his next masterpiece.

At the end of the day, I think Ethan had a good birthday… He left behind the mess to prove it.