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More from Handy Anne

After the big project my brother Nate and I undertook last summer, our mom has become enamored with home remodel projects. She had a laundry list of things she wanted done to the house. As the oh-so-brilliant person {read:sucker} who got the ball rolling, I have been tasked with “making magic happen”.  For Mom’s birthday, I decided to do a minor revamp of the hall bathroom… by myself.  Mom, Dad and Nate were conveniently out-of-town.

Thankfully, Nate and I had already started the bathroom last summer. We had taken down the wallpaper, washed and sanded the walls. Here’s what it looked like when I started.

It was a bit daunting. The walls had some earlier wall mold and water damage. The bathroom had a 3.5 foot by 5 foot mirror that needed to be removed.  I put my iPod on and went ahead with the job. After a day and half of work, here’s how it turned out.

It’s amazing what a little paint, new shower curtain, and updated mirror can do. Mom loved it…. but of course, the job isn’t completely done. She’s now on the hunt for a new light fixture, faucet and toilet. In addition, she wants the cabinets repaired. Ahhh… my work is never done. I’m just glad the boss {mom} is happy with my work and I still have a job 😉