Hello Again

Hi… Remember me?

I’m a blogger… I think.

I went from 100+ post a year to 5. As in, one, two, three, four, FIVE posts last year.

With a blog named “the Adventures of Anne K.”, the lack of posts would imply that I don’t have any adventures. That’s not the case. I’ve had quite a few adventures. I simply didn’t feel like sharing.


What?! Did I actually say that?

Or let me be accurate, I didn’t share them here. I  facebooked and tweeted to a select group of family and friends.

For years, I shared my life with Rob.  Post-divorce, I wanted my privacy for a while. With so much of my life out in the open, people felt compelled to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do post-divorce. Some advice was good; some bad. Most of it was unsolicited.  Worst still were the judgments and recriminations that came. I can’t believe she got divorced so quickly. She didn’t give the marriage a chance. She ditched Rob and moved across the country. It’s too soon for her to start dating again. She’s having too much fun. Shouldn’t she be doing something more meaningful with her life? 

I don’t care what most people think. However, it was all so annoying. I didn’t feel the need to defend myself. It was unnecessary and futile. So, I went radio silent.

So, here’s what you missed…

2011 was a good year.

I traveled. I will blog those trips, btw.

I ran… A LOT. I got my first marathon in the books. That is quite a story as well.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what came next. My first year post-divorce was spent reveling in my newfound freedom. It was like the summer post-high-school, pre-college. Lots of fun, no responsibility.

The second year post-divorce was a rude awakening. I sacrificed a lot to get out of a bad situation. I left my home and was now living with my folks in my childhood bedroom. That is as awkward a situation as you might imagine. I am in my mid-30s living like a high school kid. I gave up city life for the suburbs. The stationery business that I put so much work into building was almost non-existent. I had a few potential clients back out. I applied for design job after design job with no response. I have no web design experience, which is in demand. I was now employed as a caregiver for my grandma, which I enjoy, but doesn’t pay enough to cover the debts I incurred during my marriage.

It’s not all bad. By no means am I complaining. Like I said, I was out of a bad situation. However, I was floundering.

To get my career and the rest of my life back on track, I decided to go back to school to learn web design. I enrolled at my local community college. There was a lot of paperwork and A LOT of adjustment. College had changed radically since I attended 10 years ago. Despite the differences, I am enjoying the learning experience. {Hi, Mr. Clement}. Let’s hope this means I’ll be at a job that I love and pays well by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I’ll be blogging again 🙂


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