Bye-bye 2010, Hello 2011

Special Note: I know, I know I am have become the worst of the worst when it comes to blogging. My last post was on Cicely’s birthday which was almost 2 months ago. I won’t make excuses except to say that if you really want to keep up with me, check my Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. I think Tumblr may contribute to my lack of blogging. It satiates my need for self-expression with minimal fuss and time. As much as I enjoy blogging, writing is a major endeavor for me, similar to a magazine editorial. I write, re-write and research just the right photos for each post. It takes a lot of effort. My friend John Cachero does a great job of summing up the Blog vs. Tumblr thing in this post.

Another culprit for my lack of blogging is my limited amount of Alone Time. I have many obligations that keep me busy. No Alone Time = No time to collect and better articulate my thoughts = No blog posts.

Back to the post at hand.

This is the One-year Anniversary of this blog “Adventures of Anne K.” and my Four-year Anniversary as a blogger was this past Thanksgiving. In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d give my thoughts on 2010 and my hopes for 2011.


This was a banner year. For the first time in a very long time, the “highs” outnumbered the “lows”.

The Lows

  • Everything and Anything associated with filing for Divorce.
    Is there any explanation needed? I think I’ve ranted enough on this topic.
  • Moving cross-country in stages
    My move from L.A. to VA didn’t go as smoothly as I would’ve liked. I moved in 3 stages. This meant I said “goodbye” to L.A., to family, and to Dottie three separate times. My heart broke each time. At this juncture, I would be hard to convince to make any other trips to Southern California. SoCal is in my “No Visit Zone”.
  • Starting Over and Transitioning
    As much as I am a proponent of starting over and re-vamping your life, there are still moments when it sucks. When I sit in the bedroom I had as a teenager emailing resumes, I miss the awesome job and the apartment I had pre-Rob. Heck! I miss any place that I lived where I had privacy and unlimited Alone Time and any job that paid me higher than minimum wage. Starting Over means you can rewrite your future, but it can also mean starting with nothing. Transitioning means your trapped in a sort of limbo. Overall the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
  • Freelancing declined
    For the last 2.5 years, my freelancing kept me somewhat comfortable financially. Last year it took a nosedive. I suspect the decline in business had to do with the move, the divorce, and the current economic climate or any combination of the three. Either way, I had several big jobs fall through and that stung a bit.

The Highs

  • Travel, travel and more travel
    It should be obvious by now that I loved to travel. Due to financial constraints, Rob and I didn’t travel nearly enough. 2010 made up for that in spades. Cross-Country Roadtrip. Toronto Roadtrip. NYC. Wilmington. Philadelphia. Denver. I can’t expect 2011 to have nearly that much travel, but if I can take a few trips I’ll be a VERY happy camper.
  • New Friends and Reconnecting with Old Friends
    I was apprehensive about moving back home because I wasn’t sure where I would fit in. Many of the local people I had known were in different places in their lives – places where we couldn’t relate to one another. (i.e. they were happily married with kids and I was divorced and childless.) I have been able to reconnect with people from my past. Through the magical thing called the internet specifically Twitter, I found a gaggle of new friends and reconnected with some old ones. I was really lucky. One of these new friends became a more-than-friend. Yes, D, I’m talking about you. It turns out I wasn’t going to be sitting and moping in my bedroom on Saturday nights after all.
  • Better Health
    As I have said repeatedly, the stress of my L.A. Life was killing me. Stress headaches/Migraines. High blood pressure. Extra Weight. Insomnia. It was all taking its toll. I was starting to feel like a woman in my late 40s instead of my mid 30s. This was the year that I got it under control. I couldn’t be more grateful and relieved.
  • Running
    There are plenty of posts regarding this. No need to elaborate. Just know that I’m reveling in my new-found passion.
  • Cultural Re-awakening
    I attended countless live musical performances and gallery openings. From big name acts like Jay-Z to small-town bands like Today The Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, I was privy to some great performances. Shop Window Art. Sidewalk Chalk Murals. Photography exhibits. I was moved and inspired. Who says only big cities have culture?
  • The Adventures of Myles
    I was gifted Myles in late 2009. 2010 is his 1st year with me. It’s probably weird to list my dog, but he has definitely added to my quality of life. There are moments when he drives me absolutely crazy, but he kept me company and made my smile during my “blue period”. I have also had a blast photographing his antics. He definitely keeps my life from being dull.


If 2010 was for transitioning and healing, 2011 is where I hit my stride, the pieces fall back into place and all is right with the universe. Okay, maybe the universe part is a bit grandiose. Here’s what I expect from 2011.

  • Better position financially

    Whether this means my business takes off like a rocket into the atmosphere or I pick up a 9-to-5 gig, I’m not 100% certain. If I had to choose between the two, I’d love to continue being my own boss. I just know that I need to be making more money this year than I did last year. Money doesn’t solve your problems, but it certainly gives you options. I like having options. Besides, I have to dig myself out of the financial hole that my marriage put me in.
  • A place of my own

    I’m grateful that my parents invited me back home after my initial separation. It was a godsend and I’m eternally grateful. However, this lil’ bird is happiest with her own nest. So much of my identity is tied into my sense of independence. Without a place to call home, I’m a little out of sorts. I will remedy this shortly.
  • Continued Travel

    While I would love to add some international travel, continuing to visit previously unseen parts of the U.S. suits me just fine. There’s a lot of this country I have not yet seen.
  • Create more handmade goods

    My friend Jini posted on Facebook how she’d make a handmade item for you if you agreed to make a handmade item for 5 other people. I thought it was a great idea and joined in.  I have committed to make items throughout the year for 10 different people. I think this would be challenging and fun. It’ll keep my sewing machine going and my crochet hooks from gathering dust. If I can squeeze it in, I might even learn to knit.
  • Be more charitable.

    Times are tough all around, but I know my situation could be much worse. I’m going to do more volunteer work. It gives greater perspective. I would really love to get my friends together and work on a Habitat for Humanity home. Too often it is said that my generation is apathetic. I’d like to disprove that notion.
  • Run a Marathon

    This one is a bit of a doozy, but it’s secretly been on my bucket list for a while. I have always admired my friends who have had the discipline and the gumption to run a Full Marathon.  I really enjoy Half Marathons, but I really want to see if I have what it takes to run 26.2 Miles. I will be doing this with the help of Team in Training. Not only will I be running to test my own abilities, I’ll be raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I just need to decide which marathon I want to do.

This concludes my 1st post for 2011. Hope it was worth reading 😉

Here’s to 2011 being an exceptional year for us all!


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