Escape from L.A.

September 3-4, 2010

Trek from my old place to LAX - total distance 25 miles

While I was ready to leave Los Angeles, Los Angeles wasn’t quite ready to let me go. On the morning that I was scheduled to depart, Rob asked me to give him a quick ride to his mechanic’s shop. He said “quick” and I thought it was the least I could do. BIG MISTAKE.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I got stuck behind a big accident on I-10. I sat in traffic for 20 minutes. I then arrived at the car rental facility later than I planned. I pulled my bags out of the rental just as the shuttle to the airport pulled away. I stood in the wrong check-in line. When I finally got to the gate agent, I was told that I was 5 minutes too late to check-in for my flight. My flight was set to depart at 1:00PM. It was a Labor Day weekend. Another flight wasn’t available until 12:50AM. As if I hadn’t cried enough, I was trapped in L.A.

I checked in my bags. Then, I called Rob and had him fetch me from the airport. There was no way I was going to stay at the airport for 12 hours.

Upon picking me up from the airport, Rob and I went back to the mechanic in attempt to pick up his car again. The car wasn’t ready. Rob had to go to work. I was left at the mechanic’s shop. The plan was for me to take the car run errands and drive myself to the airport. Rob would then pick up the car from long-term parking. That didn’t happen. I sat at the mechanic shop in the heat for 1.5 hrs before I threw a fit and had them drive me back to my old place.

Dottie wasn’t at home, but neither was Rob. At least, I had the place to myself. I napped then walked to the closest grocery store and bought dinner. I called various friends for a ride to the airport. No one was available. I had no choice, but take public transportation. What ensued is the stuff of screwball comedies and it all played on Twitter. Here are my tweets with maps of my journey.

I lived in that neighborhood for 4 years and had never walked to the train station during the day or at night for that matter.

My timing was off and I was nervous that I wouldn’t make my flight again. I’d never taken public transportation in L.A. I’d had always driven.

In the midst of my color commentary, I had several Twitter friends offer to give me rides and hope that I make my flight.

My friend John had the funniest comment of the night.

I made my flight… it only took me 2.5 hour to travel 25 miles. :/


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