Lighter Moments

April 15-19, 2010

Warning: This post is not to be read on an empty stomach. Also, this post is heavily laden with images. It’ll take some patience, but it’s worth the wait.

It was emotional weekend, but it was also filled with moments of levity. It should be no surprise that these lighter moments involved food.

Our first full day in Canada was spent at Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls. My cousin GeeVee, his wife Rachel and their daughter Kammi frequently go on short jaunts in the areas surrounding Toronto. They were ready to take us all on a culinary expedition. No one was left hungry or disappointed.

Our first stop was Kurtz Orchards and Country Market.

Grilled Southwest Turkey Sandwich

World-renowned Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup that was $22 a bottle

Turkish Delight

Myles hangs out while we have lunch

Our next stop was Picard’s Peanuts.

Of course, we had to stop for dessert. We stopped by  Pie Plate Bakery and Cafe.

The desserts are as divine as they look. We ordered several slices of pie so that we could sample a bit of everything. I am glad we did. Every pie is tantalizing. Each had its own nuance. The crust was flaky without being too dry. The pie fillings were sweet without being overbearing. Their reputation of being the best dessert shop in Ontario is justified.

Cherry Pie

Lemon Meringue

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Apple Pie

After having dessert, we headed over to see Niagara Falls, which I had never seen before. It is definitely worth seeing.

Cousins GeeVee, Marnie, Rachel and niece Kammi

Myles and I at Niagara Falls

While I was Canada, I had to try Tim Horton’s coffee, the Canadian equivalent of Starbucks. Tim Horton’s is far superior to Starbucks.

Perfect duo for the damp cold weather - Tim Horton's Coffee & Timbits


Nate and Myles

For dinner, we stopped to get some Phở


Spring Rolls

Fried Spring Rolls

My absolute favorite - Vietnamese iced coffee

On Saturday night, we went out for burgers.  Per Khurram’s suggestion, we went to Harvey’s burger.

I had to try Poutine. It is a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. The verdict? It’s a meal unto itself.

On the night after Melanie’s Memorial Mass, we decided to go to Hooter’s. Sounds like an odd choice, but it wasn’t. Melanie and Khurram had this tradition of going to Hooters in whichever city they were visiting. When I first heard about it, I thought it was quirky, but funny. Going to Hooter’s seemed like a perfect choice.

GeeVee and Rachel

Marnie and Me

Nate aka Mr. Personality

Because we were out so late and had such a good time reminiscing, I had to grab a few of these while on the road home.

Although we were only in Canada for 4 days, I’m fairly certain I left 5 lbs heavier 😉


5 thoughts on “Lighter Moments

  1. I am from the Niagara Region and until I saw this blog post I never saw the magic in the place.
    Thanks for that.

  2. I know you gave the warning that I shouldn’t read on an empty stomach, but seriously, I am sooooo hungry now, haha. Sounds like an awesome trip. I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Falls, looks beautiful.

    • I tried to warn you… My food pics have that effect on people.

      Niagara Falls is worth seeing. I wish had time to take a boat ride at the base of the Falls.

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