A real WHITE wedding

Jen & Kipp’s wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings I’ve attended. You see, they’ve been together for 14 years and I have known them for that long. Jen has been my sister Cathee’s best friends since they were old enough to have crushes on boys… or so it would seem.  Because we’ve known Jen and Kipp for so long, we were very happy for them and very much involved in their wedding. I had the pleasure of designing their Save the Dates and their Wedding Invitations. Cathee was a bridesmaid. Franky was a reader during their ceremony.


iPhone pic

Having a wedding in February is a tricky thing. For the most part, the weather in Virginia Beach is tolerable. It’s cold, but we don’t usually have snow. Unfortunately, this has been one of those freak winters where we not only have snow, but lots of it. At around noon, the snow was falling heavily. It was disconcerting, but we were determined to attend. We (mom, Nate, Franky and I) got decked out in our finery and headed to the ceremony. Let me add that dressing warmly and attractively is a REALLY tall order.

My handsome nephew Franky & I on our way to the church

As the snow continued to fall, the church continued to fill.  Amazingly, the church was almost completely full despite the weather. The ceremony began without a hitch.

Kipp and his parents

Cathee and her escort Gerry

Jen and her parents

It was a beautiful ceremony. Despite being very nervous, Franky did a fantastic job with his reading.

Franky reads during the ceremony

Jen and Kipp exchange vows and rings

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, Jen and Kipp were husband and wife.

After the ceremony, I stopped by Jen & Kipp’s hotel to check on their dog Jager. He was supposed to be in some of their wedding photos, but the inclement weather prevented that. {This will be remedied at a later date}

We all headed off to the reception. They had a photobooth, which I always love at weddings.

We crammed the whole family plus our friend Amanda

We had dinner and enjoyed all the festivities.

Me, My Mom, and Cathee

Me, Mom, and Cathee

Franky, Nate, and Mom

Franky, Nate, and Mom

Although, it would seem that some members of the family enjoyed the festivities more than others.

They even tried to teach Ethan how to "fist pump" like the guys from Jersey Shore

As a surprise, Jen and Kipp’s friends from Richmond had t-shirts made.

Even with the snowy weather, it was a wonderful, heartfelt celebration honoring the new Mr. & Mrs. S.


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