Hellooooo, Snow!

The view of the backyard

If you were to look up the phrase “rude awakening”, you’d probably see a my picture. In the last 7 years, I have become very accustomed to California winters. I use the word “winter” loosely. For folks living in Southern California, temperatures in the 60-degree range is considered frigid. Winter means you might not be able to wear flip-flops for a little while and actually wear shoes with socks. {Oh the horror!} My tastes of real winter weather were limited to a few days a year when I would fly out to Virginia for the holidays. At the end of these holidays, I’d happily head back to warm, sunny L.A. With this in mind, this winter has been a shock. I flew out of L.A. with temps in the 70s. I stepped on the tarmac in Virginia to temps in the 20s. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I’ve adjusted as best as I can, but I have had one complaint. If it’s going to be that freakin’ cold, we should have snow. For those that are not familiar with Virginia Beach, the relative warmth of the nearby Atlantic Ocean prevents most snow from accumulating. The flakes will fall from the sky, only to melt or turn into ice when it gets to the ground.  They predicted heavy snowfall on Friday, which I did not believe.

Yardstick to show how much snow had fallen

I should have listened. Inches and inches of snow fell. In our neighborhood, approximately 10 inches of snow was on the ground. I was giddy. With my two nephews Franky and Ethan visiting and Myles, my excitement was amplified threefold. So, we all geared up and headed out to play in the snow.  Of course, I had my camera in tow. Here are some of the images I captured.

The view of our street

I know I'm short, but the snow came up above my ankles!

Front of the house

View of the back of the house

Me and my trusty Nikon D80 with my makeshift all-weather camera case

My bro Nate braves the cold

My nephew Franky and me

My nephew Ethan and me

Myles and me - photo by Nate

The snow was so deep that Myles had to leap through it like a bunny

Myles and I pose for a picture... until he decides that it's more fun to eat the snow

Ethan contemplates what to do with his snowball...

After playing in the snow, which lasted about 30 minutes, we all felt like this…


2 thoughts on “Hellooooo, Snow!

  1. Snow is fun when you are a kid and playing in it. Snow is not fun when you have trudge to work looking as if mr. snowman sucker punched you in the face!

    • Marisa – You’re right. The snow wouldn’t be half as fun if I had to trudge through it on my way to work. I guess that’s the price you have to pay for living in such a fabulous city;)

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