Look familiar?

This is Myles. Yup… That’s right. This is Myles. I have my very own account because I have my own thoughts and opinions.  I know you’re looking at me and you wondering… Hey! Isn’t that the dog from “Frasier”.  Sorry, nope. That’s a Jack Russel Terrier. If you’re still wondering why I look so familiar, this is what I’ll look like when I’m all grown up.

photo by Shine Pet Photos

Still can’t figure it out? My breed, the Wire Fox Terrier was in the Thin Man movies. The dog in those movies was named Asta.

My breed was also in “Bringing Up Baby” with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.

Can you tell my momma enjoys old movies?

Snowy from the Tintin books is also a Wire Fox Terrier.

Someday maybe I’ll get “discovered” and someone will put in me in a movie. To any casting directors out there, I’m willing to work for treats.


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