The Myles Report – 4 Months

Apparently, Myles is more popular than me. It figures. I’ve been usurped by a puppy. I’ve received several messages requesting more photos and more updates on my little Wire Fox Terrier. I suspect that a good percentage of my blog traffic is generated by people who want to see Myles. So, I’ll oblige with a monthly Myles Report.

This month Myles is 4 months old and has been with me for a little over a month.

The first thing I’ve discovered is that my little pup is NOT camera-shy. He loves it… except when I wake him up from a nap for an impromptu photo shoot.

He is very expressive with lots of personality, which makes for great shots. If I was still in L.A., I would pimp him out for commercials. Shoot! I have no shame. I’d fly back to L.A. with him if a commercial gig paid well-enough.

He started doing this new thing where he puts one ear up and leaves the other down while he’s listening or is inquisitive.

This month also saw the departure of my Aunt Aning whom he absolutely adores. For days after she left, he roamed the house looking for her.

He also got some serious grooming. First we got a double-bladed Furminator, which yielded this pile of fur.If that wasn’t enough, I took him to a professional {read:hack} groomer. I can’t fully express how upset I was at the result. The poor guy has thin and bald patches! Thankfully, a strongly worded letter garnered me a full refund.

Myles lost all the cute scruffiness that I love. My friends had to remind me that it’ll grow back. Once it does, I’ll find someone more qualified to do the groom him. In the meantime, he’ll be rocking some sweaters.

That’s all for this month. Maybe next month, I’ll let Myles write the post.

iPhone picture

iPhone pic


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