Neleh’s Day

Me, Cicely & Neleh - 08/07

I have known Neleh (pronounced Nellie) since we were in our teens. We’ve celebrated many birthdays together. Although in the last couple of years because of the distance, our celebrations have turned into the calls and emails variety. This year is different. Since I’m back in our hometown, I received an invitation to a small Birthday shindig at Neleh’s home and happily accepted.

Since Neleh is also a highly creative individual, I decided that I was going to make Neleh’s birthday gift. Because the Craftista Utility Apron was so well-received in the EAD Holiday Swap, I decided to make one for Neleh.  After all, I had a brand new sewing machine that I was dying to take for a spin. I carefully selected  heavyweight fabrics in colors and a pattern that I thought Neleh would like and went to work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the apron finished in time for the party, but she enjoyed the apron nonetheless. Here are some self-portraits she sent me.

photo by Neleh S.

photo by Neleh S.

The potluck shindig at Neleh’s was lively. She had a photobooth setup in her studio, which produced hilarious results.

Neleh & her husband Shane

photo borrowed from Facebook

photo borrowed from Facebook

My contribution to the party was Compostable Cups made of Corn in honor of Neleh’s 365 project. Neleh discusses the cups at length on her blog.

Compostable Corn Cups

photo by Neleh S.

Aside from the people guests, she also included pets in her invitation. So, I brought Myles, who was the life of the party. He even got in some photobooth pics with the birthday girl.

Of course, I couldn’t resist hoping in the booth with Myles. I didn’t hear about the props. I guess Myles is cute enough to count as prop… Maybe?


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