Santa Arrived Late

Christmas arrived late. Then again, it always arrives late. I think it has to do with the fact that my Santa is very frugal and shops the after Christmas sales. Here’s my loot.

Cuisinart Micro Food Processor

Mini Food Processor

Waring Pro Bar Blender

Henckel Twin Pro S Knife Set

Kenmore 18221 Sewing Machine

Here the craziest part of my post-Christmas stash. I carefully selected each item and I love all of it. {For those that have known me for a long time, I’ll give you a minute to collect yourselves.} When I see it all laid out, even I am a tad surprised. The list is so…um.. domestic.  Most of my newlywed friends caught the domestic bug after they got married. I suspect the wedding gifts are a source of newfound domestication. Apparently, I didn’t get the memo. I am becoming more domesticated now that I’m separated. Working with my hands to create things is very therapeutic. Although, let’s not get excited. I’m not going to be giving Martha Stewart a run for her money nor will I be auditioning for Top Chef. I will be whipping up some tasty meals and be sending all sort of miscellaneous gifts to my friends. Just don’t expect me to bake. That’s still not going to happen.

Just so I don’t stray too far from my gadget girl core, I picked up an iPod nano 5G. After all, what kind of holiday would it be if there were no electronics?


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