Miles and Myles

As I said before when it was decided that Dottie was going to stay in Los Angeles, I was inconsolable. I couldn’t sleep. I contemplated life sans canine. It felt like a grim existence. Move back to the ‘burbs. I was okay. Ending the marriage. Not great, but livable. Lose the dog? That was a disaster.  On one of those sleepless nights, I did a google image search for Wire Fox Terriers. I’d always wanted one and I thought a little daydreaming might help me relax. One thing led to another and I stumbled across this photo.

Myles at 3 weeks

Myles at 3 weeks

I saw the picture and fell in love. His name was Cody and he was in Kentucky. I emailed the link to Cicely and Pamela.  They both went gaga over him too. I fawned over the photo. Then, I felt guilty. I love Dottie and felt like I was betraying her in some way by even considering another dog. It’s silly I know, but I couldn’t help it. I tried to forget about the cute little guy.

Eventually, I told my family that I wouldn’t be bringing Dottie with me to Virginia. Everyone was disappointed. My dad and brother Nate have been not-s0-secretly wanting a dog for years and they thought that Dottie would be the fulfillment of a dream. Because they knew how much Dottie meant to me, my family encouraged me to think about getting another dog. My parents were treating me like a 10 year-old that lost the Spelling Bee. I thought about rescuing another Pitbull, but given my living situation it was highly impractical.  Big dog in a household that was not used to dogs larger than 20 lbs? I did not want to push my luck. On a whim, I emailed the breeder that had the cute puppy in the photo. I started looking at Wire Fox Terrier Rescues.  Because of my unusual living arrangements (Soon-to-be Divorcee who’s moving in with her folks), I found I was a poor candidate for animal rescue. With the pages and pages of forms, there was no way to explain my situation. In the interim, the breeder with the cute puppy sent me more pictures.

Myles at 4 weeks

Myles at 4 weeks

Myles at 6 weeks

Myles at 6 weeks

I was a goner. Then, I found out his parents were named Bruiser (AKC name Cruisin’ for a Bruisin) and Cali (AKC California Dreamin’). It’s hard to explain, but it felt like kismet. Cicely encouraged me to buy him. I couldn’t do it. As cute as he was, the guilt was overwhelming. It seemed too soon to get another dog. I felt also bad about getting a dog from a breeder. So, she forced my hand. She told me that the puppy was going to be my Christmas gift. I told her it was too generous a gift. She retorted that it was her “Divorce Gift” since she didn’t get to throw me a Bridal Shower. That was that. Cody was going to be my pup and he was going to be renamed Myles. Myles seemed like an old soul.  It seemed fitting to name him after one of my favorite Jazz Musicians, Miles Davis. Myles also seemed to be a good choice because we’d be traveling miles and miles together.

According to the breeder, he’d be ready for pickup right after Thanksgiving. It seemed perfect because I could pick him up from the breeder on my planned cross-country road trip. I ran into some snafus with my travel plans. Instead of driving to get him, I would be flying out to get him. The breeder was going to meet me at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee. This was interesting. I had never flown with a dog before let alone a puppy. I was nervous.  A million what-if’s ran through my head.

Then, the day came where I was supposed to pick him. I saw him and I was sure he was meant to be my new canine companion.

Myles with the breeder - iPhone pic

My living, breathing carry-on (iPhone pic)

Someone is NOT happy about being in the bag. (iPhone pic)

Myles is a trooper. He went from riding in the car in a crate to being put on a bag on a plane. Thankfully, our first trip together went fairly smoothly… except when I jostled his carrier a little too much and he vomited in the bag. {Bad dog momma, I know} The plane trip was relatively uneventful. He was so quiet during the flights with exception of a bumpy landing. At that point, he howled his displeasure.

We got home and he met some of the family.

Myles with Ethan

Myles with Ethan (iPhone pic)

Myles with Grandma

Myles with Grandma

Myles with Franky

Myles with Franky (iPhone pic)

This is how the generosity of my  best friend Cicely brought a new member of the family.


8 thoughts on “Miles and Myles

  1. So happy you have a little fur baby to shower love on! Life without our dogs was very lonely here. We were able to bring Jesse, and its made such a difference.

  2. What a great story! He’s such a little trooper and so are you! Thinking about flying with a dog stresses me out but maybe that’s because my dogs are beasts. Congratulations on Myles!

  3. I totally didn’t even realize there was so much that went into you getting Myles! I totally thought he was a surprise from C. What a great story! Yay for divorce gifts. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, what a truly adorable little pup!! I know your feelings at times must be bitter sweet. Having followed your blog for so long, I know your love for Dottie. But I love that this puppy can represent a new beginning for you, and a time for healing. Best of luck on your new adventures with Myles! xo

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