If there was a keyword for the last couple of weeks, it would be “out-of-towners”. I had an old friend visit along with some new internet friends. Thankfully, all of these visitors arrived throughout the month. With each visitor, I got to introduce them to some of my L.A. favorites.

Anthonine – 9/13


I met Anthonine through twitter, where her screen name is pricelessrock.

photo borrowed from facebook

After spending months tweeting back and forth, it was fun to put a face to the name. Antonine was in town with a few of her friends from Brooklyn. They were having a mini-reunion of sorts.
We had the dinner of champions. Margaritas and cupcakes. Anthonine is among a group of cupcake afficionadas. So, I brought some cupcakes from the renowned Sprinkles Cupcake bakery.
photo borrowed from facebook

photo borrowed from facebook

Neleh & Shane – 9/21

Neleh & Shane

Neleh and Shane are old friends from college. They were in town for their friend D’s wedding. Rob and I caught up with them for a margaritas (again!) and Thai food. They had a very busy weekend. So, we only got to hang out with them for a few hours before they headed back to Virginia.


For a while now, we’ve been dying to take Shane, who is Thai, to our fave hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant. We were curious to see how authentic it was. The food was good enough to impress Shane. Apparently, they carried a variety of dishes that Shane hadn’t had since he was a kid.


My sister Cathee – 10/24-28


We did a lot of things while Cathee was here. So, I’ll save that for a separate post.

Feisty Tourist – 10/1

2009-10-1 LA 012
photo borrowed from FeistyTourist’s blog

I know Feisty Tourist through Elizabeth Anne Designs Living, but this was the first time we’ve actually met in person. I love her blog because she is an avid traveler. She was in L.A. courtesy of JetBlue’s All-You-Can-Jet Pass. She requested we get Hot Dog on a Stick and Pinkberry. I laughed when I got her email. It was like having lunch at a State Fair. I have to admit that corndogs are a guilty pleasure.

2009-10-2 LA 003
photo borrowed from FeistyTourist’s blog

She was on a quest to see as many blog friends as possible and spend as little money as possible. Please visit her blog, Feisty Tourist to see her adventures around the country.


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