An afternoon at the Viceroy

August 4, 2009

For months, Pamela and I have been discussing some artistic collaborations. We’ve finally arranged our schedules and got to work. Now that are schedules are in order, we have been working like mad women! We have found that we work very well-together. This the first of many projects that we have lined up.

Jen and Jerome contacted Pamela about doing a portrait session. Jen is a childhood friend of Pamela’s who she recently reconnected with via Facebook. {Gotta love Facebook} Pamela selected the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica as the location for the shoot. She invited me along to assist and take a few pictures of my own.

I am in love with the Viceroy. The colors and the interiors are stunning. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the interiors were done by world-renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Here are a few of my shots of the interior.


Jen and Jerome brought their adorable dogs Lou and Lola to the shoot. They wanted some family portraits with their dogs. I was happy about the inclusion of their dogs, because as everyone knows I love to take pet portraits. Here are a few that I was able to sneak in.


While Pamela was getting this shot…
Photo by Pamela Masters

…I got this shot of the dogs peeking in on their “pawrents”.


While Pamela got this gorgeous shot of Jen…

Photo by Pamela Masters

… I got this sequence of Jerome.


Lola and Lou were good sports. They were well-behaved and very patient with us through the whole shoot, which lasted 3 hours.

But even the most patient of folks, get bored.


Thankfully, Jerome’s sister Melissa came along to watch the dogs and help with Jen’s Hair and Make-up. Melissa was great at being both dog handler and Hair/Make-up Artist. {Seriously, if you need a Hair/Make-up person, you should give Melissa a call.}

I was able to get a few shots of Jen and Jerome.


I didn’t get many shots of Jen and Jerome because… well, that’s not what I was there for. I came to assist Pamela. Believe or not, I had a blast doing it. I was heavily involved in the art direction and set dressing. Pamela and I got some amazing images. Of course, it helped tremendously that we had great models and a great location. Not only are they incredibly attractive, Jen and Jerome are witty and fun.

You must see more photos of Jen & Jerome. Mosey over to Pamela’s blog.

I couldn’t resist snapping some photos of Pamela in action. It’s intriguing for me to capture someone while they’re shooting. Most people don’t think that a photo shoot is work, but it is and here’s proof.


This last shot is my favorite.

3 thoughts on “An afternoon at the Viceroy

  1. These are awesome! What a good lookin' couple, and absolutely ADORABLE pups. I love the composition and crop on the 3rd picture you posted.

  2. that hotel looks rawkin'. i also like to capture other people takin' photos. hmmm. i'll start an album 🙂 miss you.

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