Nate’s Escape

July 21-30, 2009

Despite our 9 year age gap, my brother Nate and I are fairly close. He comes out to Southern California to visit me and our family in Orange County. Typically, he comes to visit 2-3 times a year. Because of other family obligations, he hadn’t come out to visit in over a year. As such, there was A LOT of things he wanted to do and see once he made it out here.

There was a lot of shopping… although Nate did most of the buying. We discovered that shopping at mid-day, midweek in L.A. is the way to go. In four hours, we were all over town.

Map of the places we visited

On the first day, we went to Undefeated, Union, Supreme, Stussy, Hundreds, Diamond Supply, Huf, Active, and Neo39. In other words, we went to the hottest sneaker shops in L.A.

On his 2nd day in town, we went the Agenda Tradeshow.







Of course, we spent lots of time with family. After the tradeshow, we went to visit Jasmine and Baby K-lynn (Nate’s nickname for Brooklyn)



Nate spent the rest of the weekend with our family in Orange County. I had some quality time with Rob.

I picked up Nate from our relatives’ house in O.C. We ended up having a all-night gabfest, my aunt and uncle included. Once we got back to L.A., we did a little more last minute shopping. Again, Nate did most of the buying.




We had a family dinner at one of Nate’s favorite places. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.


Janine & her boyfriend Joe

Nate & Jasmine

Jovan & Bella


Rob models his “Sunset” – half fruit punch, half lemonade

Once it was all said and done, I need a vacation from my lil’ bro’s vacation. Although, I didn’t mind. When I’m in VA again, I plan to order Nate around;)


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