Such a tease!

July 22, 2009

I am a fan of Burlesque. This is not to be confused with your run-of-the-mill strip shows at seedy bars. I am not interested in any of that. I enjoy the elaborate sets and costumes that are involved in a good Burlesque show. I especially like how the emphasis is more on the tease rather than the strip part of the show.

Because of my fondness for this genre of performance, I am a fan of Dita Von Teese. I follow her on Twitter. She announced on Twitter that she was having a L.A. show. I jumped at the chance to see one of her shows. As always, I sent out the perfunctory email inviting whomever was interested to join me. Because it was a weeknight, I didn’t have any takers except Pamela {who is quickly becoming my L.A. partner-in-crime} and a few of Pamela’s friends. I bought two tickets “just in case” anyone else could make it. Inevitably, Amber joined us despite just having her wisdom teeth removed. {I guess a good show is worth suffering for;}

We had a great spot close to the stage, but it came at a price. We were standing right beside one of the security guys. Because there was “no photography allowed” and I’m not terribly clever, this post has no photos .

Dita did not disappoint. Seeing her perform was worth the price of admission. Her costumes and sets were phenomenal. However, as a a whole, the show was only okay. I was disappointed with many of the other acts. They either lacked polish, gusto or moxie. I won’t complain too loudly. The tickets were only $30.

For those who want a peek at the show, here’s a promo video.

***Warning this video contains some partial nudity. **
It’s tasteful, but nudity nonetheless. Consider yourself warned.


One thought on “Such a tease!

  1. ohh! i would've love to see her. i went to a burlusque show in NYC and had a great time. is she on tour and i missed the LA show? infortunately, i can't view her site at work! ARGH!

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