Brooklyn’s in the House

June 30, 2009

My extended family has had many sorrows, but also many joys this year. We were given another reason to celebrate. After spending 4 weeks in the hospital on bedrest, my cousin Jasmine gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Brooklyn Aaliyah was born at 27 weeks gestation on June 14th. She weighed 2.1 lbs. & was 12 inches long. She is premature, but like many of the other women in our family she is a feisty little thing.

Because she was born while I was out-of-town, I didn’t get to visit until a few weeks after her arrival. Here are a few of my photographs.

She may only be 2lbs and 2 weeks old, but already she’s the most fashionable baby in the NICU.

Jasmine looks in on her daughter

Brooklyn smiles as she holds her mother’s fingertip

Tiny Baby Yawns


Welcome to the family Brooklyn! We all can’t wait until you’re big enough to come home.

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