It’s my birthday

June 23, 2009 – Belated Birthday

I spent my actual birthday (June 19th) slaving away working on my parents’ house. I had originally planned to celebrate my birthday by going to the Hollywood Bowl.

I sent out the evites. We were planning the menu. Luck wasn’t on our side. The show sold out before I could purchase Group Tickets. Once that happened, I didn’t have the heart to make alternative plans.

Thankfully, Rob made a few plans for us.

After picking me up at the airport, I came home to this….


…and this. I love flowers, but I love candy even more! I’m such a sugar fiend.


The next day, we went to Don Felix Peruvian Restaurant for lunch.

I enjoyed a margarita. {I know it’s not Peruvian, but it was on the menu}


Rob had some Peruvian beer.


Aji Criollo – a hot sauce made with hot peppers, cilantro, garlic, onion and lime

Ceviche Mixto


After lunch, we happened upon Tiki Ti’s. For once, they were open and there wasn’t a wait to get in. Tiki Ti’s is one of the oldest Tiki Bars in Southern California. It’s been family owned and operated since 1961.


The drink menu was extensive. I ended up asking the bartender what he recommended.


I had a Bayanihan and Rob had a Bloody Tiki.


DO NOT let the small glasses fool you. These drinks pack a punch.

The bar has a very high kitsch factor. One of their traditions is for people to write down the first time they visited Tiki Ti.


The place is filled with all kids of Tiki and Tropical decor.


After all that delicious food and drink, I literally passed out. I had a delicious nap with the A/C on full blast. I was unconscious for 3.5 hours! {I guess all the work I did at my parents’ house finally caught up with me}

When I awoke, we headed out for another fave. – Ramen. I have a tradition of eating Japanese food on my birthday in honor of the city of my birth Yokosuka, Japan. I chose to eat at Mr. Ramen in Little Tokyo. Ideally, we would have gone for sushi, but tough times call for a few sacrifices.

Shiyo Ramen

Gyozas with Pork Fried Rice

After dinner, Dottie and Rob presented me with my birthday cake fruit tart from Porto’s.



This is how I spent my low-key birthday.


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