Playing tag:)

A few days ago I received a comment from Carlene from It’s Heavenly that I was tagged! I’ve been reading her blog for almost a year now. {Yikes! I sound like internet stalker} This list was extra appealing because it was simple and positive.

Rules: Tag and link back to the person who tagged you. List six little things that make you happy. Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

1. Napping with Dottie. I love to nap, but somehow I sleep much better with Dottie. Rob says that we’re champion-nappers.

2. Taking pictures. This should be no surprise. For me, it enhances my life experiences.

3. Fresh flowers. There is something intoxicating about fresh flowers. Just going to the Flower Mart makes me happy.

4. Cupcakes. They’re small and delicious. Need I say more?


5. Meandering through a good book store. I could get lost for hours in a book store and am perfectly content not buying a single book.

6. Having great conversations with family and friends. We chat in person. Or on the phone. Or via the internet. Some conversations are short. Others are epic. {Cicely and Pamela know what I’m talking about.} It’s simple connections that make my life meaningful.

Here’s who I tag:
1. Absentminded Oracle
2. Pamela at That’s What She Said.
3. Lindsey at Indie and Oscar
4. Amy at Playing House
5. Sarah at Stinkerpants
6. Marissa at Temporary New Yorkers


2 thoughts on “Playing tag:)

  1. Can I borrow Dottie and nap with her? That face is too much, she's so cute!!! 🙂 I have dog envy, lol, Indie wouldn't nap with me for all the treats in the world!

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