Puppy Love

June 20, 2009 – Norfolk, VA

I have known Jen & Kipp for a long time. Jen and I are godmothers to my sister’s son Franky. Jen has been my sister Cathee’s best friend since High School. Coincidentally, Jen and Kipp have been together since they were in high school. I even have proof…. I have photos of Jen, Kipp, Cathee and the rest of their friends getting ready for Ring Dance (Jr. Prom). I promised that I wouldn’t embarrass them. So, I’ll save those photos for another day. Over the last 15 years, Jen & Kipp have grown together and weathered many storms. I congratulate and applaud their commitment. That kind of enduring love is very rare.


Recently, Jen & Kipp got engaged. I couldn’t be more delighted for them. I was even more delighted when Jen asked me to photographer her, Kipp and their dog Jager. Jager is their puggle and member of their family. It was touching when Jen and Kipp said that their engagement photos would not be complete with Jager. So, I happily agreed to take a few photos for them.


We headed to Waterside in Downtown Norfolk for a short shoot. Jen & Kipp even had an entourage. Jen’s sister Jodi, Jodi’s Boyfriend Brandon, Cathee, and my nephews all decided to tag along. The funny part? They were all dressed up “just in case” they could get in a few pics of their own. {Next time, kids, just ask me and you can have a photo shoot of your very own.} The entourage showed up for moral support, but ended up being a bit of a distraction. So, I sent them off to grab a bite to eat. {Sorry guys! You know I love you} It made a BIG difference. Here are some of the photos from our shoot.














2 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. These are awesome, Anne! I especially like the one where they're kneeling on the pier with the panting pup between them. You can tell they are really happy together and you captured that beautifully! 🙂

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