Up, up, and Away!

Doing a little backtracking… back to the beginning of the month BEFORE my trip to VA.

June 2, 2009
I love Pixar movies. This one is no exception.

We decided to see it in 3D.


at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.


I suggested going to the El Capitan as part of our tourist in our own town adventure. We started in March, but my trips put it on the back burner.

We headed to Hollywood & Highland where there was a free jazz show.


We grabbed a quick bite at


We didn’t eat anything special. So, no food pics.

We headed to the theater after dinner. If you have never been to the El Capitan, I suggest you go. The theater has been well restored and its architecture is impressive. Because we went to a night show, I do not have any shots of said details. It was too dark. {A great reason to see it for yourself}

They have an organist who plays before the movie starts.


They also have a pre-movie live show. The show is a bit cheesetastic, but still fun. The theater is owned by Disney. So, expect a Disneyland-esque Show. I think the nephews or niece might have enjoyed it.



The movie is among my favorites. I cried several times and I’m not one to cry during movies. It also had lots of comic relief. A friend of mine called it an kids’ movie with life-themes. I won’t say any more than that.


If you still haven’t seen UP, run and see it in 3D. You’ll thank me. And if you’re in L.A., watch it at El Capitan. You’ll get a taste of the old-fashioned movie theater experience.

3 thoughts on “Up, up, and Away!

  1. Oh man I cried like a baby during this entire movie!! How bomb you got to watch it at the El Capitan!!btw…You've been TAGGED!!! :)http://itsheavenly.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-got-tagged.html

  2. I saw the Aladdin premiere at the El Capitan as a kid. It's burned in my brain as one of my favorite memories. So jealous you saw Up there… must've been amazing!

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