Along the coast

South View from Cape Perpetua

Memorial Day Weekend – Day 4

Because Saturday was such a jam-packed day, Sunday was more low-key. It was my mom’s last full day in Oregon. As such, we decided to go for a short drive up the infamous Oregon Coast. It was a view that I had missed during my last trip.

Aalia was so well-behaved during our jaunt the day before that we decided not to push our luck. We only traveled 30 miles from Florence to Yachats. In that short drive, we were treated to some spectacular vistas. Rather than tell you about them, I’ll just show you.



Heceta Lighthouse

View from Cape Perpetua

Heceta Lighthouse

Beach in Yachats, Oregon



Sea Lions {Yes, those slug-looking things are Sea Lions}

Beach in Yachats, Oregon

Our little road trip had a purpose. Khurram wanted to have some lunch at a place that was one of his and Melanie’s favorites. {Are you actually surprised that we went to get something to eat?}
Yachats River House

Chuka Ika
smoked squid salad with wakame seaweed and crisp wontons

Chinook Salmon Pate with foccacia sticks

Clam Chower & House Crab Bisque

Clam Pot
Manila Clams in a butter white wine sauce with shallots, tomatoes, and mushrooms

Parisian Ham Sandwich

Halibut Frites


Strawberry Shortcake on Puff Pastry

All this deliciousness was shared among 4 adults. Aalia slept peaceful through our an entire meal. {What fantastic manners!} Like the day before, we all lapsed into food comas. It’s a rough life, I know.


5 thoughts on “Along the coast

  1. She already has a binky aka the NUK! Life without one would have been torture. My son had his until he was FOUR! SHHHHH, Don't tell his dad. He would throw it away and I would buy another one. 🙂

  2. I'm drooling at ALL these shots — the scenic ones and the foodie ones. I am determined to come do the drive along the Oregon and Cali coasts (been talking with my guy about it for months now) and you just convinced me it's a must-do. Looks like a splendid time!

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