L.A. Adventure : L.A. Farmers Market


According to Rob, I have not really had the full L.A. experience. I’ve lived here for 6 years. What L.A. experience is he talking about? And then, I thought about it. Like most people that live in L.A., I have spent the majority of my time in my ‘hood, which puts me in the Eagle Rock/Pasadena area. When I was an office drone, I also spent time in Marina del Rey. It was as though all points in between did not exist. There are a slew of well-known L.A. landmarks that I haven’t been to. I am a little embarrassed to admit that many of my out-of-town friends have seen more of L.A. than I have. So, I’m going to try to fill in the gaps. Our first trip was to the L.A. Farmers Market on Fairfax and Third.

Here’s my pictorial.


We stopped by Shine Gallery and checked out their vintage toy collection



Then, we proceeded to check out the different food stalls.

Rob checks out some of the fresh seafood


I looked at some of my faves…



After all the walking around, we stopped to get a bite to eat.



Of course, I got the fried seafood platter. It was surprisingly good. (I do not associate L.A. with good Southern-style food.)


We also had boiled shirmp served cold. (Boo!)


Rob had the Crawfish Etouffe.


I have my first check off the list:)


2 thoughts on “L.A. Adventure : L.A. Farmers Market

  1. LA Farmer’s market is one of my favorite places ever. I have such nostalgia left over from going there as a kid. I definitely have mixed feelings about the Grove monstrosity that’s been built up around it.

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