Piper Dog

In the midst of my invitation frenzy, I took a photo break. The barrage of paper can get a bit overwhelming. I did a quick impromptu photo shoot with Piper, who I have mentioned before.

I have had a few people ask if I’m trying to get into Pet Photography. The short answer is “no”. I’ve just been doing these shoots for fun. The theory is I’m moving my way up to photographing people. If I can get portraits of creatures that are on the move and I can’t necessarily control, people portraits should be a piece of cake.

Back to Piper. She is Kevin’s dog, but I think it would be accurate to say Kevin is Piper’s Human. They have THAT kind of dynamic. Piper is a Shiba Inu. If I could be reincarnated as a dog, I would be a Shiba Inu. They’re deceptively cute, smart, and high energy. Piper is cute, but unbelievably high strung. If Piper had a motto it would be, “Don’t call me cute.” For the first six months that we knew Kevin, Piper would not even acknowledge my presence. Nowadays, we have an understanding. I bring her pupcakes & other miscellaneous treats. She runs with me from time to time.

Without further adieu, here’s Piper.

First, the Portraits



Then, I decided to use a ball as a prop. Piper is not a “ball dog” per se, but she obliged me for these pictures.

“Uh.. What am I supposed to do with this?” – Piper

“If you throw it, I MIGHT bring it back” – Piper

“I’ll bring the ball, but not because you want it.” – Piper


“Playtime is over. I’m just going to sit here and look cute.” – Piper


3 thoughts on “Piper Dog

  1. Aileen – Martha Stewart has Chow Chows, which are equally cute.Neleh – Piper’s ears do move. I forgot that you got to meet Piper. I glad someone can vouch for the Piper Protocol;)

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