Gone to the dogs

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I was first introduced to Pichu and Tico last year. My friend Natalie and her husband Greg rescued Pichu last year. At the time, Pichu was expecting a litter of puppies. Tico and his adorable littermates arrived shortly after Pichu’s arrival. I wanted to adopt one so badly, but knew that there was no way we could have managed a second dog. I admire them for their commitment and patience. They went from having no pets to having a dog and 6 puppies. For those that know, puppies are A LOT of work. Newborn puppies or baby puppies as I like to call them are a ridiculous amount of work. The feedings, the cleaning, and whatnot are endless. Of course, it wasn’t without its rewards. If you ask either of them, I’m sure Natalie and Greg will tell you its one of their best experiences. Aside from keeping Pichu, they decided to keep Tico who was one of the larger puppies in the litter.

Mother & Son – Pichu & Tico

I was looking forward to this shoot because I was excited to see how both dogs were doing. Rob and I had seen them over the summer, but really wanted to see how much they’ve both grown. I wasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t have asked for better dog models. They were playful, yet very well-behaved. They sat patiently. They ran around. Each dog had their own distinct personality, which I tried to capture. Time flew by and I took 200+ photos. I am pleased with the photos I got. Here are my favorites.


Pichu with her intense “throw-the-frisbee” face

It just so happens that Cheryl, the woman who found Pichu wandering the streets, also dropped by for a visit.

Pichu & Cheryl having a quiet moment

Greg and Pichu

Natalie plays tug-of-war with Tico & Pichu

Pichu & Greg

“Throw the Frisbee!” – Pichu & Tico

Pichu with her Frisbee mask

Tico contemplates the ball in the distance

Pichu with a ball

Pichu with her beloved Frisbee

Tico with a baseball

If you need proof that these dogs are in the best possible home, these photos are it.



Thanks to Natalie and Greg for giving me an opportunity to refresh my photography skills. You and your dogs are fortunate to have found each other.

Update: 03.09.09
Per Natalie’s request, here’s a photo of Tico from when I met him last year. BIG DIFFERENCE.


4 thoughts on “Gone to the dogs

  1. ADORE! thanks so much anne! i love these dogs immensely so to have such fantastic pictures of them makes me so happy. the picture with cheryl is amazing. you captured their beautiful bond. you should put a side by side comparison of the pic you took of tico when he was 1 week old vs. now 😉

  2. These are such great pictures, Anne! What a small world too! Patrick’s assistant, Nanette, actually adopted Joey, one of Pichu’s puppies, last year. I love the last picture of Tico, so cute!

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