Miscellanea and Minutia

I haven’t blogged in a bit. I haven’t had much of a social life and the rest of my life is uninteresting. I suppose it’s mostly because I’ve gotten caught in the miscellanea and minutia of working from home. I have always wanted to have my own business. It just seemed more fun in theory than it is in practice. I’m getting a crash course in managing the business end of things, budgeting, and conceptualizing a website. To aid in all of this, I’ve been buried under books about all of those topics and using every free internet resource I can find. I’ve also been engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a foe called “self-doubt”. I find old paycheck stubs and question my sanity. Of course, I’ve been designing until I drop. Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT complaining. I will take this over sitting a cubicle any day. And, don’t feel sorry for me. Hard work never killed anyone. I’m paying my dues. I know this will all pay off… eventually.

Here are some small tidbits about my life.

Dottie and Rob have been up to the snow again. Dottie thinks she’s a St. Bernard. She LOVES the snow… until she stops moving. Then, she’s a Dottsicle.






The beauty of being married to a man who cooks is that I will never starve. The downside is that it seems damn near impossible to lose any weight.

Roasted Mediterranean-style Chicken with Hummus, Tabuleh Salad, and Pita Points

Chicken Milanese over Capellini

With all this work, I’m becoming a coffee junkie. We finally pulled out the coffee maker we received as a wedding gift. Coffee that’s ready at the push of a button. Piping hot. All day long. It’s dangerously addictive. Of course, I had to get coffee accessories. I went to Target for a coffee filter and ended up with Hazelnut Syrup and 2 Orla Kiely coffee mugs (and then some.)


I couldn’t resist the Orla Kiely collection for Target. I went to three different Targets to peruse the collection. Some of the items jumped into my cart and came home with me. I’m a sucker for brightly colored graphic patterns.


That’s all in a nutshell. I told you things were a bit dull on my end. I promise to check back in when things pick up.


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