Cocktails with Hostess with the Mostess


I am an avid reader of the Hostess with the Mostess blog. The site is well-known for offering innovative, creative and budget friendly party ideas. They have been hosting a series of events in major cities asponsored by Chambord. Each event showcases a different party theme and ways in which everyday people can throw similar parties. A few weeks ago, they posted that they were going to be having an Old Hollywood Glam event in L.A. I RSVP’ed immediately. Tonight, my friend Pamela and I attended it.

The soiree was held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.


Here is the event as told in pictures. I brought my point-and-shoot. So, my photos did not turn out so hot. Thankfully, Pamela sent me some of her pics.


Overall view of the event – Photo by Pamela

They had cardboard cutouts of Old Hollywood Actors for some photo ops.

Marilyn and Me – Photo by Pamela

Pamela and Elvis

A close-up of the Event’s Sponsor – photo by Pamela

Since the event was sponsored by Chambord, the free cocktails were plentiful and delicious.

Red Carpet Splash – photo by Pamela

French Martini – photo by Pamela

Hot White Chocolate with a splash of Chambord – photo by Pamela

They had various Hollywood Themed decor displayed around the room. The majority of the decor was made using items purchased from Michael’s, Target and other easily accessible retailers.

Sample Table decor – photo by Pamela

Floral Arrangement – photo by Pamela

Floral Arrangement with photo pedestal – photo by Pamela

Manzanita Arrangement

Tablescape – photo by Pamela

Tablescape – photo by Pamela

Sneaky shot of me taking photos – photo by Pamela

What’s a party without party favors? We received some freebies on the way out. Only my bag was missing the Chambord:(

Chambord mini-bottle, OPI Nail Polish, Recipe Card, and Shot Glass


2 thoughts on “Cocktails with Hostess with the Mostess

  1. Hostess with the Mostess asked for permission to use the photos on her blog. So, they’ve been recycled over there:)

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