Welcoming Baby Z!

I’m not a big fan of showers {the party variety, not the personal hygiene thing}. I know this sounds contradictory since I went to quite a few of them last year. Maybe I should be more specific, I am not fond of baby showers. I understand and appreciate the concept. People get together to give new parents or parent much needed baby gifts. Let’s face it, having a child is not a cheap endeavor these days and new parents need all the help they can get.

Why don’t I like baby showers? I am just not a fan of the girly-ness. The games, the giggling, the gift-opening. It’s just not something I feel comfortable with. Typically, when invited to one of these shindigs, I politely decline the invitation and send a nice gift. Every once in a while, I will accept an invitation. Last year it was Ivy’s Baby Shower. This year, it’s Wendy’s Baby Shower. Wendy is the kind of friend that I seem to always make exceptions for.

Wendy BABY-5
Janice and Wendy

Today was the day for Wendy’s Shower. It was hosted by Janice at her lovely home in Glendale. Here is the day told in pictures.

Wendy BABY-0
Wendy in her signature pose. {Big Open-mouth Smile}

Wendy BABY-1
Party and future nursery decor

Wendy BABY-2
The party spread {I arrived late. So this doesn’t do it justice}

Wendy BABY-3
Big Cupcake Cake made by Ali

Wendy BABY-4
Game Prizes – Light up Rubber Duck & Boutique Soap

Wendy BABY-7
Jennifer, Carrie, and another guest {I failed to get her name}

Collage Game
– We were all divided into groups of 3. Each group had to cut out magazine photos to create a collage image of what we thought Wendy’s baby would look like.

Keren and Ali working on their collage

Wendy BABY-6
Jordana, Paola, and Natalie working on their collage

Wendy BABY-8
Paola presents her team’s collage

Wendy BABY-9
Wendy closely examines one of the collages

Wendy BABY-10
Ali presents her team’s collage

Wendy BABY-11
Susan presents our team’s collage

Wendy BABY-12
A peek at my team’s collage

Wendy BABY-13
Wendy tries to pick a winner. Jordana, Paola, and Natalie win.

Gift Opening
– As it is customary, Wendy opened her gifts. Some of the gifts made me wonder about who names these products before they go to market.

Wendy BABY-14
Wendy receives “My Brest Friend”. Guess what it’s used for.

Wendy BABY-15
There were some fun gifts like – a Friends DVD

Wendy BABY-17
Baby Z will certainly not be nekkid. He has a wardrobe to rival his father, Lior’s.

Last game – Guess the size of Wendy’s Belly. This differing guesses were hilarious. Some people were WAY off the mark. The winner of the game was unbelievably accurate.

Wendy BABY-18
Wendy gets her belly measured.

It was good to see everyone and help welcome Baby Z. Thanks to Janice for inviting me.

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