A day like no other

(Luis M. Alvarez / Associated Press)

Whether you agreed with the politics or not, today is still a historical day. Over a million people were gathered in Washington, D.C. to see Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Millions around the world watched the ceremony on television and the internet.

Photo credit : (Jim Bourg / Pool)

If we had had enough forethought, Rob and I would have been among those millions to stand in the freezing cold. I have attended a Presidential Inauguration {President Bill Clinton’s 1st Inauguration} and it is an amazing experience. Aside from being a witness to history, the energy of people around you is astounding. There is an unparalleled sense of hope. The positive energy is indescribable. Even as I sat on my couch this morning watching the inauguration, I felt that renewed sense of hope. It’s my wish that that sense of hope will carry us through the rough times ahead. Once the party is over, the real work begins and we’re all in for a rough ride. There are many realities and harsh facts to focus on, but for today I’ll keep those at bay and bask in the impossible dream made reality.

Visualization of the Inaugural Address from the L.A. Times

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