December Recap: Washington, D.C. – Day 1

December 29, 2008

Whenever we go home to visit my family, we inevitably spend the majority of time hanging out at my parents’s house. We always seem to visit them in the winter. For those that don’t know, Virginia Beach is a ghost town in Winter. The cold weather leaves us with little to do. To a certain extent, this drives Rob crazy. He’s definitely a get-up-and-go kind of guy. As a compromise, I arranged for the last half of this trip to be spent in Washington, D.C. I am enamored with the city’s museums and Rob has never been there. Nate agreed to drive us up to D.C. and thus spared us a ride in the train. {I still have nightmares about that train.} We took our sweet time packing and saying our goodbyes. We didn’t end up leaving the house until around 4pm.

Bass Pro
originally uploaded by moons_shadow85

On the way to D.C., we did a redneck pitstop. We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton, VA. Why? According to Rob, they had the best selection of Gore-tex he has ever seen and we were on a mission to buy a a pair of Gore-tex pants as a gift for Kevin. {Kevin had graciously offered to watch Dottie for us while we were out of town}.

We found the perfect gift. Rob was right. They have the largest selection of Gore-tex outerwear I have ever seen. We were also thoroughly entertained. Aside from the hunting, fishing, and camping gear, the place was macabre and bizarre. Live fish tanks were juxtaposed against taxidermied wildlife. They also had everything in camoflauge that your heart desired. Want camoflauged thermal underwear? Flashlight? They got it. They also carried stuff for dogs… specifically hunting dogs. Had we wanted to, we could have bought Dottie her very own Kevlar hunting vest. I didn’t take any photos, but I found some on my trusty pal Flickr.
Here’s an idea of what we were treated to.

Bass Pro Shop, Vegas, originally uploaded by pongky ©.

Bass Pro Shops Sporting Goods Store
originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures

To make our Redneck pitstop complete, we stopped at Sonic for some Chili Cheese Dogs and Slushes. I passed on the Hot Dog since I was driving. No Nitrates for me, thanks. I love the Cherry Limeade. I should have ordered the largest possible size they offered. I am a selective junk food addict. I can’t help it.

photo found on Flickr

As a sharp contrast to our pitstop, we arrived at our hotel in D.C. We stayed at the Hotel Rouge. It was quirky, hip and in a great location.

Here’s the outside of our hotel.

Hotel Rouge, originally uploaded by PMJ104.
Photo I snapped of the lobby on my iPhone.


They take the Rouge {Red} theme seriously. Here’s the hallway leading to our room.


Hotel Rouge room reflected, originally uploaded by pug freak.

Rob staking his claim on our bed.


Nate staking his claim on the internet connection. I love my bro’s priorities.


After dropping off our stuff, we met Nate’s friend for dinner at a 24 hour Korean BBQ restaurant, Yechon. It was delicious. It was so good that I forgot to snap some photos. Order the Bulgogi. You’ll thank me.

Yechon, originally uploaded by angela n..

We called it an early night in anticipation of the sightseeing we were going to do.

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