New York: photo essay

What started out as a little cold turned into a week-long illness. It took me a while to sort and color correct my photos from New York. Some of the images in my Flickr collection were previously posted here.

I failed to mention in my harried travel blogging that this was my first trip to New York as an adult. The last time I was there I was 6 and only have vague recollections of that trip. Although I lived on the East Coast most of my life, I just never got around to visiting the city again. I had heard horror stories and it just wasn’t a priority.

After my short little jaunt, I really like New York. I only got a little taste of the city, but from what I saw I loved. Yes, it’s gritty and dirty in some parts. However, New York has an edge that L.A. just doesn’t have. I can’t even fully articulate what the edge is exactly, but it’s definitely there. Rob, my L.A. Native husband, has been debating this with me since I returned. I think he takes it a little personally when I say I prefer New York to L.A. Underneath it all, I’m still an East Coast gal. Even worse for Rob and I hate to admit, but had I visited New York before I moved to L.A. I might not have ever made it out here at all. Although, I don’t know if Anne K. in NYC sounds nearly as good as Anne K. in L.A.

Without furher ado, here are some of my pics. Some photos are a little better composed than others.


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