VB & NYC Trip – Day 5 – Family Bonding

Short fluffy teaser alert…

Sunday was the only day that my relatives in the New York Metropolitan area were free. Without getting into too deep the intricacies of my family tree, I’ll just say everyone at lunch was a relative through my maternal grandma. Since all our social gatherings revolved around food, we all decided to meet at Junior’s in Time Square.


Auntie Lilly

Mom, Cousin Louise, and Louise’s husband John – photo by Auntie Lilly

Rhed, Mabelle, & Me
Cousins Rhed, MaBelle, and Me – photo by Auntie Lilly

Louise’s Kids – Joseph, Mary, and John with my nephew Franky – photo by Auntie Lilly

An Early Birthday Surprise for My Mom

Reuben Sandwich

World Famous Junior’s Cheesecake

After lunch, we split up. My mom, Franky, my cousin and her family decided to head back to New Jersey. My Auntie Lilly, Rhed, Mabelle, and I headed over to American Museum of Natural History… also known as the museum featured in “Night at the Musuem”.

Rhed, MaBelle, & Auntie Lilly

Me & Mabelle
Me & MaBelle – photo by Auntie Lilly

My cute, but poor footwear choice… more on that later.

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