Rob was working on actual Halloween eve. So, we searched for alternative plans. We were invited to watch Lucent Dossier at Bar Sinister. Lucent Dossier is a Vaudeville Cirque. Think Cirque du Soleil only smaller scale, intimate performances.


Bar Sinister is Goth, Industrial club in Hollywood. Factor in Halloween and Hollywood and finding the right thing to wear was a bit off-putting. Initially, I asked Rob to help me find something to wear. He had been there before. So, he supposedly had a better idea of what to wear. This is what he came up with…


….a Goth naughty nurse outfit. Uh.. that’s a “no”. This getup is as cheap looking in person as it looks in the picture. I won’t even share a photo of me in it because I look like a stripper for a Medical Convention in Vegas. I quickly vetoed this outfit. Thankfully, this outfit cost as cheap as it looks. So, it wasn’t that big of an investment.

As an alternative, I decided to go for a pinup/burlesque performer look. I figured I’d showcase just enough skin to be salacious. I wore bustier top, pencil cut skirt, and red platform peep toes that matched my lipstick.


Rob took the easy route and wore a dark suit.


It was an evening that was definitely outside of our norm. The costumes that people wore were all over the map. You had french vampires, naughty nurses (or whatever you can think of), Sith lords, Ozzy Osborne, Angels, Devils, and Darth Vader. Of course, there were those in goth and fetish wear. Despite all of what can be considered peculiar, there was a refreshing lack of pretense or judgement. The cirque performances were amazing… from what I can remember. I thought that I only had 3 cosmos. Apparently, Rob bought me quite a few more drinks that I recalled. My actual drink total was 6 or 7! So, I had a REALLY good time. Of course, I was paying for it today. Did we have a good time? Absolutely? Would we go again? Ask me once my hangover subsides.

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