Plumbing problem? Are you sure?

As many of my friends know, I am a night owl. I do a majority of my creative work at night. Something about the quiet allows me to be the most productive. This means I sleep in most days…. that is until my landlord decided to dig up the yard to “fix” a plumbing problem. First, he tore down the beautiful tree that shaded our bedroom. He stated that the tree’s roots had wrapped themselves around the plumbing pipes and were causing problems with water pressure in the front house. Uh… ok. We were sad to see the tree go, but what can we do? We don’t own the joint.


Apparently, that didn’t fix the problem. So, Monday morning I was rudely awakened to the sound of workers outside. At first, they were just digging in the dirt by our bedroom. No biggie. I’ll survive. Dottie was not happy about it and wanted to bark at every little noise. I went about my day the best that I could. Tuesday, I was jarred out of sleep by the sounds and vibrations of jackhammers!!! Yes, jackhammers. Our place is a poorly made shack. My bedroom reverberated as though Dottie and I were trapped inside of a blender. It was the worse possible way to wake up. The best part? They started this at 7:45AM. We took shelter in the living room which is on the other side of the house. This gave us a teeny bit of a sound buffer. We caught some more ZZzzzzs and went about our day. Yesterday, there was minimal digging, but we were informed they were turning the water off for a few hours. Okay no biggie.

We are on Day 4 of our Landlord’s plumbing disaster. They gave us 5 minutes warning that the water was being shutoff. Rob was able to get a quick shower. Me, I wasn’t so lucky. So, I’m off to the gym and will have to shower there. Blech:P

I am so annoyed. Rob talked to the laborers who stated they aren’t certified plumbers?! WTF?! Apparently, they’re just digging around where our landlord tells them to dig and supposedly they’re going to help him “redo” the pipes. Good lawd! We are really in for some bad times.

Here’s some photos of the disaster.



To get out of the construction zone, I’ve taken the dogs out for longer run/walks.

Don’t they look like happy campers?

Here’s the view that I’ve been treated to.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that we won’t have to look at this for too much longer.


One thought on “Plumbing problem? Are you sure?

  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. Our landlords turned the water off ALL DAY on thursday and neglected to notify us until 6am the morning of…so annoying!

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