Virtual Home Makeover – Living Room

I have not redecorated the pied a terre recently. I have no home projects to post as yet. Between the heat and general malaise, it’s been hard for me to find the motivation. Instead, I have been daydreaming about moving to a slightly bigger abode. In honor of my future, more spacious living room here is my inspiration board.

I envisioned the above items for an open floor plan or loft type space. I selected items that were at realistic price points. I wanted a “fantasy” living room, but not necessarily an unattainable fantasy. As evidenced by my inspiration board, I have a fondness for a mid-century modern style. My color palette is comprised of neutrals accented by pops of color. The walls would be painted a blue gray that is similar to the color of the walls in our current pied a terre. I would probably incorporate vases with fresh flowers and live plants for additional color. Originally, I had included a bookshelf for books and tchotchkes, but decided against it for a cleaner “less is more” approach. I felt as though a simpler look would be better for entertaining. I went with the idea that a blank canvas would allow us to dress the place up or down accordingly. Although the furniture looks uncomfortable, it is not. I have taken some of these pieces for a test drive. They are surprisingly very comfortable and very easy to maintain. Scotchguard and washable throw covers are your friends. Another thing to note is that if we were to buy the wood items shown (the bar and TV stand), we would buy them in matching wood colors. Sadly, I couldn’t find photos where the wood was of the same shade.

Next up on the Virtual Home Makeover – Bedroom


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