It’s all about Janice;)

Saturday, April 23, 2008

After all the preparation, the day of Janice’s Shower finally arrived. Wendy, Debra, Debra’s husband Nate, Jordana, and I began setting up for the party. As I am not gifted in the kitchen, I left food prep to Wendy, Debra, and Jordana. My contribution to the food was a mixed berry salad that Rob made. I arranged the menagerie of flowers that I had purchased the day before at the Flower Mart.

Here is the day as told in pictures.

Janice – the guest of honor with the first of many cocktails.

Martha Stewart Favor Box with the tag I designed
Flower Arrangement with the Favor Boxes

The delicious spread

Cheese platter, Bruschetta, and Rob’s Mixed Berry Salad

More Flower Madness

The Pink Lemonade Cocktail that was so strong that I only had 1 glass


What’s a shower without gifts?

More Flower Love

Me, Wendy, & Joe

Janice & Jordana

Our shower hostesses Wendy and Debra decided to spare us the agony of too many boring shower games. No toilet paper dresses here! Thank God! Instead, we were split up into two teams and played “Janice Jeopardy”. The questions were divided up into categories based on different periods of Janice’s life. This allowed everyone to participate.

Wendy says, “Let the Games Begin!”

To keep things interesting, Janice had to play “Do you Really Know J.D.?”. Among all the categories, there were 4 blank categories. If she selected a blank one, she had to wear a gag article of clothing. This game was also fun because it gave us all some additional insight into J.D. and his life.

Debra was in charge of Janice’s trivia questions about J.D.

Jordana wants to know how anyone is supposed to know the answers to some of these questions.

When the games were done, Janice looked like this
Janice models her Disney Princess tiara, Big Mama Bra, Granny Panties, and Trailer Trash Bandanna

At the end of our game, we looked like this
Ernessa with her Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss

Carrie, Carrie, and Jennifer check out their winnings

Apparently, Joe like the lip gloss AND the bow that came with the box

After the game, there was dessert.

Leda’s Cupcakes, Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites, and Jordana’s Homemade Cannoli and Scones

Jordana is popping in to say “hi”

I’m trying to run away with the Leda’s cupcakes

The Granny Panties made the rounds.

Joe decided to try them on.

… as did Michelle

Then Janice opened her gifts.

Janice got some sexy pieces in addition to her game prizes

Janice opens her gift. My co-paparazzi/ partner-in-crime snaps a pic

A Hula Hello Kitty in honor of her Hawaiian Honeymoon

She also received gifts from her registry

and some other things that no one else could appreciate;)

At the end of the night, we were all pooped. Janice was tipsy and happy. And, I’ll take that as a sign that it was a good party.

7 thoughts on “It’s all about Janice;)

  1. Now that’s a fun wedding shower! Congrats Janice!! And no damask I see! :)I can’t believe Jord made canolis. I’m missing out on so much good food up here.

  2. Uh…Jordy. It was so hot that day and we were all running around that sadly all of us look like a hot mess.

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