Celebrating the One Year Mark

photo of Jalama Beach from Rockhoundblog

For our anniversary, we jetted out of town for a short little trip to Jalama Beach. Sorry kiddies. No pictures. I forgot to charge my camera battery. We had a good time nonetheless.

Upon our return to L.A. we had a small celebration.

First, Rob bought me these.

I have a fondness for button mums.

According to tradition, 1st Anniversary gift is paper. So, we bought these.

A handful of lotto scratchers. The only thing we won was a free ticket.

We purchased this print from husband and wife illustrator team Kozyndan.

It’s the last print in a series of prints we’ve been collecting. We originally started buying the series because I love ukiyo-e prints. These are not your typical ukiyo-e prints because if you look really carefully, there are bunnies throughout the piece. The bunnies are small homage to the fact that I was born during lunar year of the Rabbit.

Lastly, we ordered a customized version of this print by Jennifer Ramos of MadebyGirl. Instead of the highlighted letters spelling “Love”, it will spell “Anne and Rob”.

Of course, Rob made dinner.

Bone-in Ribeye Steak with Roasted New Potatoes, Carrots and Asparagus

We opted to do one more traditional thing. We had year- old wedding cake for dessert.
This is what our delicious cake from Leda’s Bakeshop looked like last year at our reception.

This is the slice that I vacuumed sealed in a Foodsaver bag

Here it is with the seal broken on the bag

I defrosted the cake in our refrigerator per instructions I found on the internet. Sadly, it still tasted horrendous. I suspect it may be because I waited a tad too long to vacuum seal and freeze a piece. Thankfully, there are no photos of us actually eating the cake. The faces we made while eating the cake would probably horrify people and scare small children. I ate one bite and called it a done deal. Rob was braver than me and ate a good couple of bites. We then used the sad wedding cake as an excuse to get ice cream.

This is how we celebrated our 1st anniversary. No big fanfare, no fancy gifts. Although, I told Rob that he still owned me a kickass trip to somewhere exotic;)


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