Double the Fun – Part 1

I love weddings. To prove it I attended not one, but TWO weddings. For the first wedding, I assisted my dear friend Paola of Just Chic Events. Paola is THE most thorough event planners I have ever met. Because of this, it was very easy to be her assistant. Honestly, it was more fun than work. I’m hoping she’ll call on me again to help [Paola: hint, hint].

This was a small wedding at the Ayres Hotel in Hawthorne/Manhattan Beach. I had no idea this venue existed or that it was so beautiful on the inside. The hotel sits right by the 405 Freeway across from Costco. I assisted Paola with setting up the ceremony and reception. Leann (the bride) and Paola conceptualized and executed many details that made this wedding a very stylish affair.

As an added bonus, Leann (the bride), Geoff (the groom) and their families were incredibly charming and sweet. Leann’s family’s interactions with one another were eerily similar to my own family’s on my wedding day. The couple’s flower girl and ring bearer were hilarious and provided entertaining color commentary throughout the whole event. I really wish I had a video camera to capture some of the funny things they were saying and doing.

Sadly, I was unable to stay and assist through the whole event. I had to rush home and change for the second wedding of the day, which I will blog about in a separate post.

During the course of the day, I discovered that Leann reads my blog. [WAVES “HI” to LEANN]. Here are some photos that I snapped of some of her wedding details.

Area where ceremony was held

Chandeliers in the trees

Ceremony in the hotel’s courtyard.

Programs made by Leann. Love the lace punch detail on the cover!

The Often-blogged and imitated Escort Card Trees made by Paola

Exquisite Escort Cards made by Leann

Fans & Cardbox

Table with Short Centerpiece

Table with Tall Centerpieces

Menu made by Leann

Gorgeous Cake by Torrance Bakery with Cake Topper made by Paola

The Sweetheart Table

The Newly Married Mr. & Mrs. M – Geoff & Leann


3 thoughts on “Double the Fun – Part 1

  1. LOVE that you got pics, I never saw you whip out the camera!!! Thank you again for helping me out in a bind, you are the best!!

  2. I grew up in Hawthorne and I hated living in that city. In fact, when Mr. S and I went to visit my mom we almost got shot down. That’s how we roll! Ha!Who’d have thought Ayres would be classy. Great pics!

  3. Anne,Thank you so much for your help on Saturday! It got a little crazy with my family and I was barking orders but hey….a girl’s gotta get things done! I’m so glad we met. I really do read/stalk your blog and drool over your husband’s tasty looking works of art! I hope to see you again.-LeeAnn + Geoff

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