A simple Saturday

I had one of my favorite kind of Saturdays. I had a simple one.

I got up early and met my friend, Carmela downtown. She was on the hunt for fabric and materials for a project. I was scouting out the cost of flowers for an upcoming party. We were victorious. Carmela found the fabric and materials she was looking for within an hour. I got lots of great ideas and picked up some flowers an plants. We were downtown for only 2 hours, which is amazing. I was still half-asleep. Had I thought about it, I should have taken Carmela to lunch. Her birthday was earlier in the week. (Carmela, I owe you one.)

Flower Arrangement for the Living Room
3 varieties of Dahlias and Lisianthus

Fabric Inspiration

After my jaunt into downtown, I took a fat nap. Rob woke me from my delicious nap and told me he was in the mood for Ceviche & Cerveza. To be more budget-conscious, we have limited our eating out. Lucky for him, he caught me in the right mood. We headed to one our favorite places for ceviche – Don Felix.

Don Felix

4435 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

(323) 669-7575

I ordered an Inca Kola, which tastes like Bazooka Joe bubblegum.

Rob ordered his cerveza. I decided to also have a Margarita, which I know is not Peruvian, but is good nonetheless.

We ordered a few dishes to share.

Saltado de Pollo
This dish was okay. They went a little too heavy on the soy sauce.

Calamares (sp?)
This was breaded and fried to perfection.

Our favorite – Ceviche Mixto
This was the perfect blend of fish, shrimp, squid, and octopus.

Happy Rob enjoying his meal.

I’m even happier enjoying my drink AND my meal.

The sad view from the bottom of my margarita glass.

This was my simple saturday.


5 thoughts on “A simple Saturday

  1. Ooo the calamares looks soooo tasty!! You’ll have to write a small book on the best of LA eats. You know all the good, hole in the wall, obscure places.How have you been? How’s summer so far?

  2. I love the arrangement! I was so excited about the fabric find that I forgot to look for another thing at the store.Annnnnd I got a parking ticket. Boo.

  3. looks freaking delcious! you should start up a flower business cuz your arrangements are freaking fab. im going to hire you for my sister’s b-shower. btw. what fabric place did you go to?

  4. I slept for a big chunk of my Saturday. And it was GLORIOUS! Adore your arrangment… so fresh and summery!

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