Can we borrow your kitchen?

Typically, Rob makes his culinary creations in our teeny tiny kitchen. Our kitchen is so small that it makes a kitchen in a RV look huge. From time to time, we invite ourselves to someone else’s house to make dinner. Tonight was one such night. We invited ourselves over to our friend Kevin’s house. Kevin happily obliged and agreed to help.

Rob in Action (He does not like this photo, but I wanted to show him at work)
Adding Sun-dried Tomatoes to the Pasta

Kevin the Grillmaster slicing the tri-tip that Rob marinated and seasoned

Rob was in the mood to barbecue and have Italian food. This unusual sounding combo threw me for a loop, but I decided to just trust him. After all, I think I’ve already established that I am not Martha Stewart in the kitchen.

Here’s the meal that he put together.

Italian Sodas (Not pictured: Duck Pond Pinot Noir)


Fresh Mozzarella Medallions & Organic Roma Tomatoes
on Crostini served with Bruschetta sauce

Main Course

Tri-tip grilled to perfection
Sliced Tri-tip

Spaghetti Tossed in Sun-dried Tomato, Homegrown Basil, Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil Sauce

Blurry Photo of my properly plated dinner

Trader Joe’s Boxed Panna Cotta with Fresh Raspberries

Dottie Dots waiting for a tasty morsel to fall on the floor.
She’s strategically placed near me because
she knows that I’m the weak and VERY clumsy link.

For those that are wondering, meals are not always like this in our household. This kind of feast only occurs on the days that Rob is off. More often than not, my dinner looks like this.

After all, a gal’s gotta do something to keep from turning into this

9 thoughts on “Can we borrow your kitchen?

  1. Rob is MORE than welcome to use our kitchen anytime….it is stuck in the 1950’s until our remodeling, but it works! We will gift him with our appetites and lots of booze.

  2. Dude, Anne, come over to our place. Rob can cook while we wine taste and swim in the lovely pool during hot Valley weather.

  3. can i become your friend in real life?!? 🙂 i just got really hungry. i promise to share my own talented in the kitchen husband and dottie can play with my pooch!-meghan aka mephilton

  4. My gosh that stuff looks delish. My all-time favorite app is basil, fresh mozarella & tomatoes. Never thought of a crostini too!

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