A week ago today…

Wendy & Lior got married! Here’s my recap for Sunday May 25th.

After the fun of Vegas, we were treated to unCalifornia-like weather. It was cool and rainy. There was a 30% chance of rain and Wendy and Lior’s Wedding was scheduled for the outdoors. All of us who knew and loved Wendy were in a bit of a panic. On the morning of the wedding, the skies looked incredibly ominous. On the drive to their venue, the clouds were intermittent. We held out hope that it would clear by the time we got to the venue. We had arrived early for once. The clouds cleared an hour before the ceremony. Everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The ceremony is the first Jewish ceremony Rob & I had ever attended. It was beautiful. Wendy & Lior’s Rabbi did a wonderful job explaining all the rituals to all of us Gentiles. This non-crier actual shed a few tears. I looked around and everyone was misty-eyed, even my own tough guy. I guess that’s a bit of testament to how moving the ceremony was.

After the ceremony, the party began. Cocktail hour was in the back patio of the Villa. The views were magnificent. Everyone was snapping photos left and right. There wasn’t a bad backdrop to be found. The cocktails were delicious and abundant, as was the hors d’oeuvres. With 75 guests, it was a intimate celebration.

Some of the highlights of the reception were their dessert bar and their photobooth. Who can resist chocolate fountains and trays and trays of mini-desserts? It was so decadent. I thoroughly enjoyed their photo booth. I have way too many photobooth pics. (Once I get a scanner, I’ll add them in.) I really wish I had gotten one for my own wedding. I guess now I’ll just have to throw a party so that I have an excuse to have one.

We had an amazing time. More than anything it was evident that there was a lot of love abound. Congrats to Lior & Wendy!

Here are my photos from the event.


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