Hooray! It’s Kanye Day!

According one of my cohorts, Sheri, today is Kanye Day. We (Cicely, Sheri, Sheri’s boyfriend Larry, and I) went to the Kanye West concert at the Woodlands Pavilion. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am a fan of Kanye West, but I most certainly don’t drink the Kool-aid. I did, however, drink a large frozen pomegranate margarita. Prior to the concert, we stopped at TGI Friday’s to eat and grab a drink. We all felt we needed sustenance and libations to fully prepare us for the show. The food was nothing to write home about, but the drinks were fabulous. I forgot that there’s one thing you can count on at Friday’s and that’s drinks.

Cicely and I modeling the menus for the fine dining establishment.

Sheri & Larry – Young Love
I love pomegranate margaritas!

We arrived at the concert at the very beginning of Rihanna’s set. I’m just a teeny bit disappointed because I missed the other two opening acts – Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. I am partial to N.E.R.D. because they are from my hometown. No matter because the rest of the show can be best described as a spectacle.

We had tickets for the lawn which was open seating. According to Cicely and Sheri, I thugged our way to the front of the lawn section. I beg to differ as I merely snaked my way through the crowd until I found an opening for us to sit and/or stand. “Thugged” makes it sound as thought I pushed and shoved, which is near impossible with my height and build. The place was packed with a very diverse crowd. I was surprised to see that some people had even brought their kids.

Our view of the stage

The crowd

Sheri and me
Me and Cicely

After a very long intermission for stage setup, the lights dimmed and Kanye West started his performance. The whole show had a theme that Kanye West was on a spaceship that crash landed in unknown territories. It redefined the phrase “solo artist”. There wasn’t anyone on the stage except Mr. West. No band, DJ, back-up dancers. No one else. He had all of musicians tucked into the orchestra pit. Either Kanye West was either really ballsy or really in love with himself. It was the latter. His ego was bigger than I had envisioned. The show was complete with a tantrum over non-functioning big screens and multiple affirmations of Kanye West being the biggest star in the universe.

Kanye West in action

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the show it was definitely worth the price of admission. As it turns out, that was not the only entertainment. Larry provided additional entertainment. Once the show started he was singing along and dancing…. all 6 feet 2 inches of him. It was like watching a teeny-bopper at a concert. Had we not been there, I am almost certain Larry would have started crying. For additional laughs, we were surrounded by the rhythmically challenged. To our left and our right were kids that had no clue how to dance or how to stay in rhythm. It was so hilariously distracting that I missed part of the show because I was laughing so hard. I had a GREAT TIME.

Post Concert

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