Cherry Blossoms everywhere!

This is Scott & Aileen. Photo by Bumatay Studio

Aileen and I started chatting when she asked me about the printer who printed my Wedding invitations. In the course of our conversation, I offered to design her invites. They are having their wedding at the chic Shutters-on-the-Beach Hotel in Santa Monica.

Her requests were for me to use pink, chocolate brown, and a touch of sage green… oh and lest I forget… use cherry blossoms. I bought some clip art, which I restyled in Illustrator.

Here is the final product.
Photos have been adjusted for privacy.

Outer Envelope with design
(Due to technical difficulties, I was only able to Gocco a few envelopes)

Invite Enclosure tied with Light Pink Fabric Cording

The Big Reveal

Close up of Invite

Overview of Invite Suite

Close-up of RSVP with Gocco’ed Envelope

Close-up of Directions Card

13 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms everywhere!

  1. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I’ve been so nervous about doing the design thing full-time. So, I really do appreciate all the support.I should be posting a few more projects later this week.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, just had to comment on the invitations. They look great!! I so wish I were even slightly creative….

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and the offer to help! after looking at these, i’m thinking i need to send out a whole new set of invites to our guests…. 😉 you’re so talented!

  4. OMG. I’m in love/awe of your talents!I will never bail on another GTG so you will stop offering great tips ;o)

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