Quirks and Eccentricities

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Here are my quirks.
1. I constantly wiggle my toes. My best friend and my husband think it’s hilarious. I wiggle my toes in a frequency and style that is similar to the way a dog wags its tail. When I’m happy, I wiggle them quickly. When I’m upset or nervous, I curl them under. I am told I even wiggle them in my sleep. It’s a completely subconscious thing.

2. I love caramel. Caramello Candy bars, Gourmet caramel squares, dulce de leche sauce. You name it I’ll try or buy as long as it has some caramel in it.

3. I love roadracing. Not Nascar, but F-1 and LeMans Races. If we were a little more well-off, I would love to join an amateur racing league. I love to drive fast. Although with traffic, it’s rare that I get to go that fast.

4. I love flowers, but cannot stand roses. Rob can buy me any kind of flower, but not roses. Roses almost always immediately end up in the trash. I believe roses received negative connotation during my college dating years. Roses in those days were the universal apology gift. So to me, roses say “gee, sweetie I fucked up”. Sad, but true.

5. I am a gadget girl. If I could afford it, I would be an early adopter for everything. If it is electronic and requires batteries, I want it. At any given time, I have on my person an ipod (I own 3), a digital camera, and some kind of internet device (Mac Powerbook or ipod touch). Most of our friends and family consult me before buying anything electronic. I am THAT obsessive about electronics.

6. I grew up in Virginia and went to school in Georgia. During that time, I picked up a slight Southern accent. Let me emphasize that I don’t sound like Scarlett O’Hara. I apt to use certain phrases suddenly surface like “ya’ll” or the ending consonants of words disappear like “sittin” or “waitin”. Whenever I’ve been drinking, am overexcited, or I am in a locale considered Southern, the accent returns. It is freakish because I am Filipino.

I tag these bloggers:
1. Just Chic Events

2. Elizabeth Anne Designs
3. Neleh S., my good friend and our wedding photographer

4. Nataly Lemus, who I blog stalk
5. Shine Pet Photos, whose work I recently discovered and have hired to capture photos of Dottie.
6. Jonilyn Photography, who we’ve hired to do our Anniversary photos.


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